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  1. Got a swag mail on April 10th saying it should be here in about a week. Still waiting but I'm able to track it, right now it's in the Netherlands on it's way to Norway. So probably sometime next week.
  2. This. The $1.1 million dollar goal was probably set so they could prove to investors that a demand for a game like PoE was there. We don't know how much they got from investors so it's impossible to guess how much of a success this was. I hope it was.
  3. It made you angry, and that's fine but now move on. I'm tired of everyone being so ****ing offended these days.
  4. I'd love mp in this game. Frankly I don't understand the negativity. Me and my brother would play bg2 every Christmas like this. We'd take control of three or less players each and one of us would be the main character that did the talking. D:OS did a very good job and showed how this can be done.
  5. I'm probably one of the few that wouldn't. The point of the first kickstarter (I thought) was to get Obsidian "up from the dirt" and give them a chance to create a new game they could live off and expand from. If Obsidian can't make a living off this and is instead constantly in need of kickstarters to help them create new games it just shows they don't know how to handle their money/business. I'm sorry but that would make me lose faith in them.
  6. If people are 50/50 I'd recommend going for option 2, because of shipping cost.
  7. And I don't get how people don't get it. Just take it slow, read what's in front of you and give them the information that is needed. You already pledged at a kickstarter tier, no need to worry about addons and whatnot, you can do that later if you wish.
  8. I tried to look at this from a business point of view. The more people that buy this game the better. Thought of voting for Korean since they're known for being gamers but I don't think they're that into western rpg? I dont know... 1. Russian 2. Polish 3. Italian
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