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Twitch Marathon Before Launch


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I saw this idea and really liked it. I hope Obsidian does a marathon PoE stream, showing gameplay, discussing the development process and different aspects of the game on the day before launch. I think it may really boost sales in the last hours before the official launch, and would be very interesting for everyone, regardless of how much they knew about the game prior to the marathon stream.

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Yes do another twitch marathon, so I can read more butthurt like this




You made a basic mistake: you've read the chat, and taken it at least semi-serious. :p I call public chats  "animal pens". It gives you a good idea about how to engage the creatures inside, and what weight you should give to the noises they make.

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Some people get too upset over unimportant things, like video games and their mechanics. Calling lame and pathetic someone who has just expressed their opinion about somethig so trivia as the mechanics of a video game, shows who the lame and pathetic really are. You can say "hey, I don't like your ideas because a-b-c". Or, "your ideas won't work because this and that". But calling Sensuki lame and pathetic because he didn't like that game's system... man...


Yesterday was the annual anniversary of the rise up of the students of the polytechnical school against the dictatorship in 1974, here in Greece. Every year, students march from the polytechnical school to the parliament and then to the american embassy this day. Last night the police brutally attacked them and chased them unprovoked. Although the news showed that clearly in their videos, many of the journalists talked the other way around, thus stigmatizing the students to a large portion of viewers.

THOSE people are lame and pathetic for saying things that may seriously affect other peoples lives and not one guy saying why he doesen't like the mechanics of a game that has clearly only to do with his and his alone experience of playing a game.

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