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How to solve the AoE problem while making the INT stat more compelling (and INT characters smarter).

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It seems a bit complex to be fair. How do you explain it to players ? How do you present it in-game ?


And I don't think it will promote "the ultimate in INT character decision-making" since you will always take the smallest possible AoE to maximize the duration.

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Funny is that all characters can be strong (do more damage), but only some can be inteligent. I want raise in inteligence when I pump might, heck remove all attributes and left only might! :)

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i like the idea because it would have made scalable AOE valid for all people i think (and made INT more interesting).

i’d like to suggest something else:

- AOE spells with different AOE sizes like e.g. in BG2  with fireball (greater AOE) and skulltrap (smaller AOE)

- let the effect decrease towards the edge (the decrease can also depend on difficulty setting)

- allow to target wherever on the map

in most situations i will handle the rest with moving and positioning of my caster and if necessary my party member(s). Allow might do only weapon damage, let Int do all ability damage, delete scalable AOE from attributes, to compensate move duration to might...

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Possibly you could have INT modify how effective a spell is at penetrating defenses. I.e. a low MIG means a lower maximum damage, but a high INT means that the damage is more likely to get through.

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On that note, I think it'd be kinda cool if you had a penetration resolution similar to how attack resolution works; instead of just having "you penetrate X armor every single time," you'd have something functioning similarly to Accuracy, versus something functioning like Deflection (or any other defense), that would determine how much armor your spell actually penetrated. So, one time, it might be 3. Another time, 6. But, it'd always be within a given range because of your offensive factor versus their defensive one.


Really, you could just go with Willpower. Your spell attack could roll against Willpower (even if the regular spell actually attacks something else, as this roll isn't for core damage or anything), and maybe just get a bonus (+X) from INT? So, a "hit" in penetration would be like... 25% armor penetrated. A crit could be 50%. And a graze could be 10%. Just example numbers whipped out of thin air. Something like that, though.


That only works for spells, though. So, maybe, to make that not solely favor caster classes, you could use something other than just Willpower, and have penetration work with all effects?


Didn't Perception produce penetration in an earlier iteration of the stat system, by the way? My memory is cloudy.

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Should we not start with some Ipelagos, or at least some Greater Ipelagos, before tackling a named Arch Ipelago? 6_u

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