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  1. I don't mind getting the disc later. I really don't. I would even say it's completely irrelevant to me. I mean it. believe me.
  2. I don't mind the character model but I don't get why it has to cover 50% of the screen for the entire character creation AND the level up part. They should only bring the model when you have to customize it and for the level up segment, they should use the portrait only. Use the space left for descriptions, icons, stats etc.
  3. Yes the hobbled effect is really bad. It should be place around their feets or around the green circle. I think it was a bug but I saw it in a video where the hobble effect is at their feet and it look really good and none obtrucive. you can see it by yourself in this video: at 32:11 min, the character on the left got the hobble effect at their feet.
  4. After I read comments, this one then. since most of the time we will be clicking on our portraits and asign actions, it should be in the middle.
  5. what you guys think about this one ? when you click on a unit, spells and options are in the middle of the screen.
  6. engagement should be a select unit ability for fighters and barbarians.
  7. No I play on a 30 inch monitor. at max zoom in, the characters are smaller than the IE games.
  8. Hello, I play the game in 2560x1600. Will it be possible to zoom closer later ? I would really like to zoom closer by still playing at 2560x1600.
  9. If you use Essential phantom spell, it won't go out of combat mode until it's gone. Even if all ennemi are dead.
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