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Update #81: The Front Line: Fighters and Barbarians

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Of course you need methagame knowledge to solo-play all I.E. games,


 Ok, so it sounds like we agree about that -




... Baldur's Gate I and II are such a cakewalk if you know and understand AD&D, that you can easily solo-play both games, with or without a preliminary playthrough.



 and this statement, specifically that the BG games are such a cakewalk that " if you know and understand AD&D, that you can easily solo-play both games, ...without a preliminary playthrough." was a bit of an exaggeration, yes?


...., and of course you're gonna die during your solo-play. .... (BTW, multi-classes are preferable during solo-plays, and IWD2 is the esiest game of the pack to soloplay, if you wanna try)



 Thanks for the advice but, like many people here, I've solo played BG 1 and 2 multiple times (including several 'no-reload challenge' plays). 

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He didn't summon a Pit Fiend for some reason, but yes I do recall him doing that on other occasions. I was using the Blade of Roses +3 which you can buy after you do the Slaver stuff in the Copper Coronet, and the Namarra +2 as offhand.


 I've also one-shotted the city gate lich with Azure Edge twice. Once with an axe wielding kensai and another time with a cavalier (but, of course you need to axe first and ask questions later (and don't miss)). I've gotten lucky twice or he doesn't have good saving throws - I don't know which.


 Anyway, I suppose this has little to do with update 81 but it is kind of an interesting tangent.

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wht the frig are you rambling on about, lawl

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Obsidian wrote:

​"those scummy backers, we're going to screw them over by giving them their game on the release date. That'll show those bastards!" 



 Now we know what's going on...

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Well, see, we originally went off topic by talking about class imbalance. But then that got derailed when someone said that the IE games are a cakewalk on the first playthrough. And now we're discussing lich killing tactics in Baldurs Gate 2.

Did you ask them what difficulty they played it on? Argument could have been avoided.


I remember when I was 13 I played it on Easy, and yep, it was easy (though not AS easy as easy settings are today).

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Yeah, one on one. As in, a fight against a single opponent. But the issue was in the long run - Ie. against all encounters types, all day long, level after level...


How's the contrary preferable?


I can give you about 10 reasons why the contrary is preferable. But this morning I only have time for one.


Here goes. I don't like my single player combat rulesets to be mechanically, soullessly, and rigidly Balanced. That's why. I want to be able, after a few playthroughs, to discover a build that blows away the rest. Conversely, I want to be able, after a few more playthroughs, to discover a truly underpowered build and then challenge myself to beat the game with it. This will let me know that real Human *art* was behind the creation of this game, not some undeviating, soulless, 'Balanced. At. All. Costs.", mathematical formula.


BG1, BG2, and Icewind Dale positively oozed of the former. And that's why they're still great to play 14+ years later. While crap games like Dungeon Siege 1, and Dragon Age 2 suffered from droves of the latter and thus aren't worth the box they came in.


Dungeon siege 1 was one of those games that built pc gaming. Dragon age 2 I felt rogues were very op. None of those rpgs were particularly balanced I seriously doubt this games going to be balanced either.

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Okay I beat the Lich on the first go. All I did was cast Improved Invisibility on my PC (Kensai), use an Oil of Speed and walk in and attack the lich to death. Due to Improved Invisibility he was unable to target me with any spells, and for some reason he has no True Sight trigger in the AI (this is the City Gate Lich).


Didn't send any other party members through the door :)


This obviously wouldn't work on any Liches that have True Sight (and I believe some of them do) but that's a simple way to kill that one at an early level.

Normally Liches can see through invisibility, so they don't even need to cast True Sight. The City Gate Lich is just a nerfed version.

But yeah, off topic, whatever.

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It is simple why they don't release more footage too early.  If they do, it will most likely be unpolished (not as good as they plan for release) and therefore people will say "OMG... this looks horrible!"  Rumors will spread about a horrible looking game (despite it being not-quite-done version) and that will hamper their ability to get money so they can continue to further the project.  Which means the game will die an early death, all because we 'had' to see something early.  If you don't believe me, look at what happens to early reviews when the games are not completely done when the sneak peeks are not release worthy.

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