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  1. You can buy the game + beta key, after choosing what level you want to contribute you will have the option to add some features like the beta or extra copies of the game. You can go back and fourth between the pages to compare. Best of luck! Ah thank you!, will buy the pledge soon than. Should have known during the addons, well my question has been answered than. Thanks!
  2. Yeah I have been waiting for an answer for almost a week now from support by using the Contact Us for Pledges. I was wondering if I can purchase just the game with a BETA key? I do not want to pay $75 or more for the extra content on that pledge. I would like to support this game by giving feedback, reporting bugs and giving suggestions. I have done this with Divinity: Original Sin by purchasing through the Steam Early Access. I have been supporting allot during those ALPHA\BETA times and now would like to support Obsidian. Maybe once the beta is released will they offer a pledge or an op
  3. It is not a major issue, as it does not effect the gameplay. "End Dialogue" is more like a game system word instead of a story gameplay.
  4. It maybe nice to add MP in but as the interview it seems like it will be only a SP game for this kind of genre.
  5. The Interview was great, and really looking forward to this game.
  6. November 26th of 2014 I've also like to ask some questions, as I have just registered yesterday to this site. I am looking to purchase the game for $35.00 but I've also wan't to play the BETA which is over $100 with other stuff, is there anyway I can get the game + BETA key only? Thanks
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