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Fwiw, I did a quick count on the areas shown in the trailer at around :23 seconds and counted 36 named locations plus 5 more for Defiance Bay. 

(Locations followed by a ? show up on an earlier map but can not be confirmed in the video)

My apologies for any errors in spelling or geography


Free Palinate of Dyrwood - 5 + 10?

- Hellsgate Citadel

- Gilded Vale

- Road's End

- Loghome (name is partially obscured in video)

- Eina's Rest

- BaelReach ?
- Mercy Vale ?
- Raedric's Hold ?

- Sorceror's Tomb ?

- Geiran's Grasp ?

- New Heomar ?

- Echo Bay ?

- New Yarma ?

- Godhammer Citadel ?

- Castle ?


Defiance Bay x 5


The Pearl Coast - 3 (Part of The Vaillan Republics?)
- Forked Vale

- Telaneir
- Brass Crown Tower


The Vaillan Republics - 13 + 1?

- Madsman
- Steel Crown Tower

- Cirrarae

- Ancenze

- Selona
- Baria
- Biageppe
- Ozir
- Ozian Bastions
- Hills Edge
- Dulan's Keep?
- Parchozzi
- Gualfi

- Goodhope


White March - 6 + 2?
- Cold Morn?
- Dawning
- Stalwart
- Durgan's Battery
- Maiden Falls
- Fort Bone Picker
- Thein
- Thein Bog?


Ruins of Eir Glanfath - 8 + 1?
- Airana's Tears
- Lake of Drowned Tombs ?
- Abbey of the Cloven Wheel
- Midwood
- Ihrel's Well
- The Court of Bowing Ashes
- Solace Vale
- Kindle Vale
- Dyrford


Twin Elms x 5 (That's a guess that it will be as big as Defiance Bay)



My area count then is:

  • 35 areas from Video (likely a combination of village and wilderness areas)
  • 5 for Defiance Bay
  • 5 for Twin Elms
  • 15 for the mega dungeon
  • 14 from an earlier map not visible in the video
  • 1 stronghold (may also be one of the known locations or one of the unconfirmed locations)


Assuming that each of those areas is actually a visitable location, that makes 60 probable plus possibly 14 or 15 more.

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@kgambit - the second city is "Twin Elms".


@Night Stalker -- agreed, #3 is out, because the "whole dungeon" isn't mandatory. Right now my understanding is that you're gonna be sent there as part of the storyline, but only to the first few levels (uh 3? whatever it started out as before the "let's make it huge!" goal was enacted); and there's gonna be some hook that makes you want to delve ever deeper into it from time to time (because it gets harder faster than you can level up)

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But that's... not the way you measure size or scope Osavir!


I've got 209 bones in my body. My niece also has 209 bones in her body. But I'm 5'11 and weigh 200 lbs, while she's about 25 inches tall and weighs about 30 lbs. I'm much MUCH bigger in size than she is. See how that works?


I can't imagine the mega dungeon being bigger than one of the game's cities, let alone 1/3rd the size of the entire game. Using just the # of areas and drawing 'estimates' of game size from that, and nothing else, is a completely erroneous way of coming to a conclusion.


Why in the world are you doing such a thing?


Fine, Stun-kun, I'm measuring numbers of areas and not necessarily the "size" in "how big is it". My questions and speculation is towards "How many are there?". Then an area can be 5000x5000 or 100x100 for all I care, that's not what I'm analyzing. I'm hunting the numbers.


So in terms of numbers, Od Nua might be 1/3rd or 1/4th of the total numbers.

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