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  1. I understand the reasoning for not doing the blu-ray/dvd. I would rather get the digital version with all the production than to get 9-10ths of it on dvd. I wonder what their going to swap it with. The collectors art book would be awesome even if it was just a soft cover, though it might be cheaper to make more hard cover than to make soft cover. It's probably not gonna be that though so I hope they come up with something good.
  2. The inn looked amazing I can't wait to see more of the backer created items and inns. Wizards also sounded pretty cool. I wonder how many spells you can have on you at one time for combat (as in I'm walking in the forest and I need to fight how many spells can I use right now?) Can we have the same spells in multiple books. Like if I had a heal spell in 1 book and switched to another book with an amazing fire spell could I still have the heal spell there too. I mean could I have written the heal spell into 2 books not using casting a spell in another book. anyways can't wait to hear more.
  3. If it was just backer than no, but if they were able to get good voice actors to do parts then yes. Though I don't think anyone expects this game to have voice overs (which is what I voted). I honestly would rather just read the text and use my imagination for what the characters sound like. Also even if they didn't pay the actors the time in the recording studio could get costly.
  4. 1. From what I've heard it will be part of the story line but optional. I wouldn't expect any major plot revelations to happen there. Maybe a surprise ,but nothing that you couldn't beat the game without. 2.It's basically a long side quest. You finish one part then come back later and do some more. It shouldn't break up the story more than doing other side quest would... I hope. 3. Like I said in number one it's optional so you could just do it at the end and fly through the entire dungeon instead of doing it in parts. Though I would suggest you do it right before you finish the game i
  5. I voted yes was going to upgrade my pledge anyway ,but this was nice motivation on their part. When are they you going to announce the results and the stretch goals?
  6. I agree with this I already picked my size because I was sure it would fit, but this would help people who could ware a m or l depening on the brand.
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