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Idea "Jobs" and some "Economy" as a part of roleplaying.


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  1. 1. Are you for "small" economy system like incomes and outcomes per day ? (you get raport at the end of the day)

    • Yes im for it.
    • something beetween, undecided, don't know.
    • No im not.
  2. 2. Are you for "Jobs" in PE ?

    • Yes for full jobs like "shop menagment" and for part time jobs. (possibility to buy bulidings, shops, castles
    • Yes but only part time jobs and shop owning buy without "buy every bulidiing system"
    • only part time jobs/ questlike
    • other
    • no
  3. 3. Rgardless of other questions, if in PE we will see jobs what type whoud yo like to see (or quest thet risemble them) ? MULTI

    • merchant (shop owning)
    • Hunter or quests to kill something.
    • Weapon/armor Crafting or qests to craft something.
    • other Crafting.
    • simple ones (bartender, wood cutting, fishing)
    • other.
    • none

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I won't say you're wrong, but I have trouble seeing it.


I once tried playing on a NWN1 RP server, and somehow I got roped into a multi-level dungeon crawl.


The only line other than "Rest up here, friends!" that I can remember was something about the party's petite rogue dragging a giant piece of loot (might have been a bastard sword) in the sand behind her on the way out, and how she had to get one of the strong warriors to carry it up a ladder for her...


Never again.

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I don't want to see any of these jobs (with the exception of things related to running the stronghold). They seem too trivial. I roll my eyes every time they introduce a new RPG and say things like "Wow, in our new game, you can craft, farm, cut wood and sew clothing!"


These things can be fun in a specific simulator game. For example, I recommend Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale. It's a really cute little game where you run an item shop in an RPG universe. But if you just throw it in as an "extra" in an RPG... it's boring.

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I won't say you're wrong, but I have trouble seeing it.




You can watch this stream, if you want.


First of all one of your companions is very interested in this dungeon and the lore surrounding it. You will talk frequently with him about new discoveries. Also there were a couple side quest'ish things shown. For example, you could heal one of the wounded enemies.


I think there will be even more interesting stuff as you descend further and further. 


I wasn't overly excited for Endless Paths, but now I am looking forward to it. I think it will surprise us all.

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I always saw your job to be an adventurer, a hireling, a sellsword who does dirty work for other people. Having a regular job is against that.


I once tried playing on a NWN1 RP server, and somehow I got roped into a multi-level dungeon crawl.

I was on the RP server in STWOR and we role played a lot. It was more fun than actually playing the game itself.

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Role-play is of course very dependent on the quality and quantity of the other players, and when both are reasonable it's a blast.

Problem is many times folks just plain don't know how (assuming they want to in the first place of course), more so these days since many games are solo rather then group.

And there always seems to be that one troll who gets their kicks from annoying others.  Unless the game system has some way to ignore or eject trolls they can totally ruin role-play.

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Some XCOM/Xenonauts/Massive Chalice/King of Dragon Pass/Darkest Dungeon Elements? That'd be interesting, imo and imp (in my preference)... in like a spin-off Pillars of Eternity Expansion and/or Campaign where you play a Baron or a Lord or something and you could possibly use your Stronghold/Manor or whatever to send out adventurer's and hire sellswords to do your bidding, and have a marketable product/resource or something.

Heck, even adding some 4X elements as well :brows:

It could use the same Pillars of Eternity system and lore, and even world. Hmm... if the lore fits... maybe it'd be possible with the Pillars of Eternity assets? (Make spawn point at Stronghold, set history a couple of years back~).

Stronghold prequel :p "Pillars of Eternity: Maerwald's [something]"

EDIT: It's funny with these kinds of threads.

A) Someone makes a new thread of an already existant thread/topic "Use the search function!!" or "Post in [link] thread!!"
B) Someone posts in an old thread, adding to an old discussion, thus necroing it "Make a new thread!!"

Albeit I agree with B (Make a new thread and link to the old thread), I just thought it funny :p

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Anyway, to merger a inn and fire the bastard shopkeeper will be a cool role playing.

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She's got a lot of pretty, pretty boys, that she calls friends

How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat.

Some dance to remember, some dance to forget

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Shop management would be a great feature.


We could hold meetings on how to create a value-added experience that will foster flexible solutions for our consumer base.  Our assets will be monetized using a robust, pro-active, and scalable methodology.  Who doesn't love management?

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Recettear is, indeed, a fun little game. Especially for $5 that I got it for. I just wish it were slightly more involved (and better explained -- what the hell is a "Near Pin"?! And why do people keep randomly popping hearts out of their faces when I sell them things? etc.). As some kind of mere stronghold component or something, though, Recettear's level of merchant gameplay could be pretty fun.

Should we not start with some Ipelagos, or at least some Greater Ipelagos, before tackling a named Arch Ipelago? 6_u

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