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What update are you looking forward to the most?

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Well, reading through everyone else's responses has made me more excited for certain things then I was originally thinking when I wrote this.


I;m still most interested in the combat mechanics more then most because when it comes down to it this is going to define how I play the game and what characters I play. The artwork I'm not so fussed about because I have faith in artists and I know that no matter what it will look ok.


As for the guy that said "alpha" yes.... :D

Juneau & Alphecca Daley currently tearing up Tyria.

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"We're pleased to announce the 7th major bug fix patch update. Our testers report that all known major crashing bugs on the critical path have now been fixed. You should finally be able to play the game from beginning to end." :p


"We're proud to announce both Day-1-DLCs, "Retaking Godhammer Citadel" and "Dragons Beneath the Ruins" which you will be able to buy from the butler in your stronghold. Aside from that we give you the possibility to purchase two more difficulty-modes. Two weeks after that, we will implement a new set of cosmetic clothes for 1$ per item."


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I guess I'm most interested in learning about magic. How it will work, how it is regarded in this world, if there are any special universities devoted to it. What kind of spells there will be. (I'm hoping for a "necromantic" spell that let's you talk to the soul of a dead person like the one in Arcanum. That was just brilliant and gave you some very interesting options for solving quests.)

I'm still hoping for a few surprises in that direction, like maybe a sorcerer sub-class of the wizard class that allows you to cast spells without preparing them first. But mostly I'm just interested in what spells there will be and how priests, chanters and wizards will be different from one another.


A close second would be hearing about the various factions and how doing quests for them will work out. If there's a Thieves Guild I'd like to know whether doing quests for them will destroy my reputation in the party, stuff like that. Also if they're going to do the TES way of having factions/guilds with their own storylines and ranks you can rise up, or if you'll be doing mostly freelance work for the various factions in order to gain their trust.

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One other thing I'm really looking forward to are all the "world changing" events. ie. In NWN2 You could obviously improve your keep. In D3 You could improve your merchants.


What I really want to see is if I am a complete and utter baddy do people run away from me, does the world take on a more disturbed outlook, will my party equally become more vicious, will the towns change if I save the church or will there be ruin and more decay because of the loss of faith etc..


I would love to see a game world that truly changes based on every major and sometime minor action. But that may not be this game. I do hope our Stronghold is builable, you know, starting off as nothing, choosing its general design, what it contains, wether it will be a place of wealth (merchants), ability/power (libraries and mage towers etc..) or battle (warriors/better armour available for free in your stronghold)


Juneau & Alphecca Daley currently tearing up Tyria.

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I am looking forward to more information about the boreal dwarves and Orlans, not going to lie. Though it can also extend to all the races and their respective civilizations, cultures, beliefs, lifestyles, and how they all interact with each other. Most of us are pretty familiar with how races are handled in Tolkien's middle-earth, the Forgotten Realms, and so on, so I'm interested in how they will be handled here. ^_^

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Lore, definitely lore. I'm especially a sucker for mythology, as theology of all forms has always interested me immensely. Give me the history, give me the geology, give me the races, and I'll be set. I love to sink my teeth into a new IP. It'll help give me an even broader flush of character concepts for my PC.

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Yes i agree with some of the posts above, screenshot / something showing what the gameplay will actually look like, combat animations, how detailed the armour and faces will be, zoom in/out limits.

But Im guessing this kind of thing is still 6 months? away

Personally I dont need more lore stuff, I will pick that up as i play and explore (and read the wiki after i finish the 1st playthru)

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