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Not much on the game, just a profile piece about the artist. Not worth translating, but says Charles Lee, Korean, is the lead (I think?) concept artist for DS3; he says that "40% of the game's background was done by me" - 'background' is unclear, landscapes is most likely but could mean loading screens, etc.


Says Lee was also a concept artist for God of War 1, and Obsidian's cancelled Alien RPG. Rest of it's about the guy personally - how he moved to the US at the age of 16, etc. Also mentions that Obsidian's artwork for FNV & DS3 is on display at Anaheim's Promenade Gallery.

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I would like to see the ones for the others characters too, but this offering is still pretty swell! And beautiful! I especially like the 'magic chart', I must say I was in awe when I fought


at the effect of her column of fire. You could really say that were hand-painted.

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Thanks for sharing with us these great concept art !!


I'm a student working on it's portfolio to enter the game industry and i really appreciate to see the concept and the in-game result! I was wandering if could post somes level concept, i've been googling to find some but can only find the same 4 that are already on that thread.


By the way the game looks great and every models, textures, characters and animations are gorgeous on my PC ! You guys did an amazing work on this project don't let the hater comments throw you down! like most gamer of the world they don't have any clues of how much effort and time must be done to achieve a game of that quality ! Surely there are some interesting points in some post but none of the artistic production of the game is to blame.


I'll go play and try to spot texture seams and try to find glitch and bug in the animation transition :p haha. 4 hours playing now and i haven't seen any :lol: so .... it's an amazing game from an artistic point of view !


PS: I'm a French Canadian so forgive me if there are major mistakes in one of my sentences. ;)

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