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GC2009 screens

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Anyone (devs) wanna go into a little detail about that buy next rank button at the bottom?


The Perks screen is on the Service Record screen. You tab between the Skills screen (where you upgrade skills), the Perks screen (which is what's in the screenshot), and the Stats screen (which shows you how many people you've killed with a shotgun, etc.). The Add/Remove Rank buttons are only applicable to the Skills screen, so they're grayed out when you go to the Perks or Skills screen.

Matthew Rorie

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i dont think very highly of tux spys, sam fisher got it right when he said "im not a tux spy, im a real spy who gets blood on your new suit"



Everyone knows the true measure of the spy is how expensive his suit was.



build a man a fire and he will be warm for a day, but set a man on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.

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Looking at the yacht and the Gamescom interview, a question occurred to me: will there be missions where you have to, for example, attend a party on the yacht to scout it out and come back at night to steal documents or whatever?

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I'd like to see that. Makes sense to give the player that option and they wouldn't even have to redo the whole level, just change the lighting. Since it was mentioned that there will be non violent missions, I think we might just see something like that.

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