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  1. Bobby Null has the coolest name in video game development. He sounds like a supervillain.
  2. Alright, time to spill the beans. Now that I no longer work there and any NDAs I've signed have probably expired, I think I can say this, finally: Obsidian is working on a high school hentai rpg dating simulator with mechas.
  3. I think you guys have a lot to look forward to with this one. (Hopefully not violating any NDAs by saying that...) And if you haven't gone through Dungeon Siege 2, it's well worth a playthrough. If you want a good walkthrough (albeit with broken navigation), there's one here.
  4. Yeah it's still in staging. Give it a couple of hours and it should be up and running.
  5. So hey if you guys check out Screened.com tomorrow morning you can see what I've been up to. It's a new film/tv website by Whiskey Media (the same guys who did Giant Bomb). Enjoy! And edit!
  6. Done. Sorry, it looks like your inbox gets cut a bit in size when you don't have that developer tag anymore. :|
  7. Thanks for the happy thoughts, guys. I'll still be around if I can help it - maybe not with a Developer tag, though. I don't think I can say much about the new endeavor at the moment, but I think we'll be able to start dropping some hints sometime soon. I'll be sure to drop a link in this thread when the site goes live.
  8. You'd be surprised - turnover at Obsid is actually really, really low compared to what you might expect. Alas, I've been offered a job up in San Francisco that I could not pass up. I've had an amazing couple of years at Obsidian (for serious), and I'm really looking forward to seeing Alpha Protocol and F:NV hit shelves. In the end, though, I was given an opportunity to return to the city that I love living in, and I get to go back and work with some old friends of mine. It'll be weird, it'll be the first time I've worked outside the games industry since I got out of college, but it should be an interesting challenge. (And I'll finally get to say what I actually think about games for once!) I'll swing by when we announce what I'm working on next and let you guys know.
  9. Debate aside, it influences my decision on where to buy a game especially if the bonuses are different. Official devs have any other info please? Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I'm told by Sega that anyone interested in the Stealth Weapons pre-order Pack should inquire at your local Best Buy. Sorry for any inconvenience this might've caused for you; these pre-order packs are not really something we as a developer deal with (aside from creating the content, of course).
  10. I think pretty much every major character in the game can be killed, although you probably won't be able to kill them all in the same playthrough. I think there is one exception but it might be a spoiler so I won't, well, spoil it.
  11. Ah, ok, I see now. I need to disable the second monitor for the purposes of the game and then lock the cursor to the screen to prevent it from sliding off onto the desktop. It's too bad I can't keep the secondary monitor as the meta-map and still have the cursor locked to the main gameplay window, but I'd rather have the ability to edgescroll on all four sides of the window than have the meta map (although I guess we'll see how true that is when the maps get bigger).
  12. I just want something a little more traditional, I guess. I have no problem with the meta-view being on the second monitor; I just don't want my mouse to be capable of scrolling over to it. Just lock my mouse on the main battle window and I'd be a happy camper, and still capable of scrolling in and out to zoom. There's even a menu option that would seem to be for this purpose ("Lock Cursor To Window"), but maybe that's for playing in windowed mode, now that I think about it.
  13. Anyone have any issues with the multi-monitor support? I've never been a big fan of using the secondary monitor as a map, since I like to scroll the main map by pushing my mouse against the side of the screen; this effectively makes that impossible on one side of the screen, so I wind up having to zoom in and out with the mousewheel to scroll around. The "lock mouse to window" option button doesn't seem to function properly, and if I attempt to just disable the second monitor the game crashes on startup. Any solutions?
  14. Well, Chain Shot is really intended to be your way out of a dicey situation, not something you use on everything you see. Making the cooldown too low would probably trivialize a lot of the content you come across, because you'd be able to headshot everyone you came across without them ever being able to fire back. So it needs to have some kind of cooldown to encourage players to use it when needed, but not on every single enemy.
  15. I believe that's the cooldown for actually using the weapon skill, i.e. you have to wait 30 seconds before you can use it again. That amount of time might've been adjusted since that video was captured, though.
  16. As far as the timer, I'm not sure what you're referring to - you only have a few seconds to line up the shots in Chain Shot, certainly not 30. I can't speak as to the inspiration behind Chain Shot, I just know it was one of the skills that was implemented the earliest in development. I think it was more inspired by a Bourne-like mastery of situational awareness.
  17. http://blogs.sega.com/usa/2010/03/04/see-a...ednesday-in-sf/ Sega is showing off Alpha Protocol in SF this week (Wednesday) for GDC, and is issuing some invites to anyone who lives in the area (or wants to get to SF somehow). All you need to do is head over and reply to that post!
  18. Sega has been handling all of the pre-order stuff. I'll check and see if I can get any info from them.
  19. We might do some website tinkering sometime in the next few months - if that happens we can look into adding some of this stuff for your profiles. In the meantime it's probably easiest to start a thread for it.
  20. Hey, Apologies if I/Obsidian have been a bit quiet on these boards lately. But I'm told there is going to be some news up on IGN later today about AP. I'll update this with a link when we see it go up... Well, it looks like it might already be up. Here's a link to the newest trailer for the game! And a release date announcement!
  21. Heck, I'm even in that rare breed of individuals who liked Total Annihilation: Kingdoms. Nothing like an army of Mage Archers spamming down anything that stood in their path.
  22. I am very much looking forward to this and will buy it after a few good reviews come out. I had a lot of fun taking 6 hours per mission in the expansion pack. I love turtling up and watching enemies smash into my shields/defenses while I build my superweapons in RTSes, and SupCom did that kind of stuff really well.
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