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HL2 Episode 2 Delayed until Feb 2007


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Maybe they're waiting for Vista ...


That's an intriguing thought - perhaps unfortunate - but it does have a ring of plausibility to it ... :ph34r:

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But that's not going to happen. Ep1+2+3 = HL3, so to speak. I hope Valve don't abandon full price Retail games, and I wish they'd create a new IP. And with that I mean not mere silly puzzle games like Portal. Half-Life, while an awesome franchise, needs a break.

But good to know there's still Monolith who churns out awesome FPS.

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Valve have hinted recently that they might not be planning a HL3 due to the sheer volume of work that was involved in HL2 and the time it took. It may be episodes all the way, baby.

We now bring you live footage from the World Championship Staring Final.



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Imagine the portal gun with the grav gun in half life 2... :shudders in geekasmic glee:

I could totally imagine the amount of creative destruction caused with this, what with shooting cars right through portals to give the enemy a little surprise.


And multiplayer? Well that would just be awesomely mad. Can't imagine being possible with more than something like 4 players at a time though, it would just get too hectic! :p

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