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LightSaber color of choice?

Whats one would you have  

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  1. 1. Whats one would you have

    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Voilet
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Cyan
    • Veridian
    • Sliver
    • Bronze
    • More than one due to multipul blades

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When I play any star wars game that allows you to change your blade colour, I always seem to go for Violet, I don't think it's even my favourite colour lol. Just one single Violet saber.. which seems to kick everyones ass :D


I go for different styles though.. like the lightsaber mod.. when I use the Blood of Malevolence, I always have Red, for Exar Kun's saber, I use 2 of em, and Veridian.. and for double sided, i use silver

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Veridian - for my LS consular (because green's just not quite the right shade :blink:)

Sliver - for my LSM sentinel

And then, any other colour save blue or cyan is given to the NPCs.

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Just plain blue. No need for anything fancy, and no desire to draw extra unwanted attention!


Think of it this way: if you were a grunt trooper, and saw a bunch of jedi, most of them with blue or green blades, and one with a purple blade, who would you fire that sonic screamer at? :ermm:

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All look pretty good.

Double Bladed silver kickass.


'corse some people would say having a purple lighsaber makes you a ****, but I say I'm the one holding the blade made of pure energy so STFU.


(I'm practicing being a 13 y.o. because I have an auditon tonight (really hope I get in))

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purple dude

Guardian/Weapon Master: Silver. Cyan if I decide to go double bladed.


Sentinel/Watchman: Orange. Maybe an Orange and a bronze if I don't have two orange crystals.


Consular/Jedi Master: Viridian. pretty much all of my consulars are one handed, (for the extra attack more than the defense) so I don't have to worry about not having more than one crystal.

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Viridian and Silver look nice with dual blades. The good old red and green sabres look good too.

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LS Male Watchman- Viridian

DS Male Sith Lord- Orange

LS Female Weapon Master- (double-bladed) Cyan

DS Female Sith Lird- (double-bladed) Bronze


Yeah... and in KOTOR 1


LS Male Guardian-Blue

DS Male Sentinal- Red

LS Female Consular- (double-bladed) Green

DS Female Consular- (double-bladed) Violet


I like my selection varied.



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