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How do you play the voice files off of the game? my computer opens them with musicmatch jukebox, but never plays them. someone said that you have to change them from wav. files to mp3 files, but i dont know how to. advice would be welcome.


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Make sure that when you do change the files from .wav to .mp3, it's on COPIES of the original and not on the originals themselves, otherwise you might be pretty disappointed next time you want to play the game.


If you want the mp3s to be compatible with players other than Winamp, get the dBpowerAMP Music Converter (this file here), and simply re-convert all the mp3s into mp3s again. Doing this will stabilize the fluctuating bitrates, and you will be able to play them on Windows Media Player and the likes after.

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Okay I must be unconstitutionally retarded because I've done everything including renaming the files from .wav to .mp3 and tryed to play them on Winamp and it didn't work. :thumbsup: Any more tips Chewwie the cookie? :)



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I found a way to listen to voice files from the game with the help of the KotOR Tool some time ago, but I forgot how I did it. :"> I found the sound files and played them with Microsoft Media Player.

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Well, you can just copy the Voice maps to some other place (like C:\) but since the Dos-box ignores sub-maps in a map that'll be alot of extra work (that would be like using MILES to make them all *.wav's that can be played in WMP). So instead of that make a new map on C:\ (to make it easy kotor2voices) and dump (copy) all the files in there without the having of sub-maps...


Then load up Dosbox, follow all instructions and all the voicefiles can be read by WinAmp.



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