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Light Saber


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Where can you get the first light saber, i always thought it was Dantoonie, but then i looked on the back of the game case and there is a guy with a light saber on Telos


was just wondering if you could get one before Dantoonie and if so where abouts? please xxx

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The picture on the back of the box that he's referring to is a picture of the Exile with a double-bladed silver lightsaber (not 100% sure about the colour, might be cyan) using Disable Droid on one of the HK-50s at the polar mesa.


I'm assuming the pictures on the back are from when the game was a beta, considering the one down the bottom is a female with the Handmaiden in her party.


So no, without cheating, you can't have a lightsaber at that point (or without certain mods, like the Holowan Plugin). You build your lightsaber when you reach your first planet.

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you do return to Telos as of the Station not the planet itself.




At the special time of the game, you will re visit Atris at her academy


Well, yes, but you don't return to the top of the polar mesa, which is where that screenshot is from.


I think the producers wanted to show off how well those robes matched with the snow.


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there was a thread about the pictures in the back of the box already. somewhere.

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Indeed :-".


I believe the reason that the Exile has a saber on Telos on the back of the box is because either; It's just Obsidian playing around with the game, trying to find the most effective screenshot to stick on the back of the cover, or its some kind of "In-game concept art", somehow >_<.


Either way, they did exactly the same thing with K1 too, because on the back of that cover, you can see Revan and Bastila fighting with lightsabers against others with lightsabers on Taris :ermm:

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