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pls help me How to kill Vrook

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Kreia told you what???? anyway....use you lightsaber forms and make sure you have levelled your character with useful feats, toughness, either two weapon fighting or dueling, things like that.


If you want to be cheap however you can just mine the area beforehand.

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Vrook is difficult. Is Dantooine your first planet? He's easier if you finish the other planets first.


Sometimes you can hide behind the bushes and heal yourself. Make sure you have good energy shields, too. Try using different lightsaber forms. And keep trying - in the end, you will kill him.

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Kreia tell me to use blaster, but I have best results only at lightsaber but Vrook everything wins - I CAN"T KILL HIM Please help me what can I do ?


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Slap on a good Energy Shield and watch the fireworks. :*

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Activate your best shield that works against energy attacks. Even if Dantooine is your first planet, you should still have an Echani shield, which can stop 100 pts of damage, or if you somehow got very unlucky, you would still have at least an Arkanian shield, which can stop 80 pts of damage.


Also, cast Energy Resistance, and use your stimulants.


As the above poster stated, if you have Knight speed, use it. You'll deliver two shots of damage, and if you can inflict enough (you should have some decent upgrades by now), you can make Vrook waste two rounds casting heal on himself.


Eventually, he'll run out of Force points, and try to kill you with his lightsaber, but you have the advantage of being able to use advanced medikits or life support kits (you should have at least a few kits that you can make at the lab stations, or have Disciple make them).


Just be patient. Vrook is one tough customer, and it's a difficult fight if Dantooine is your first planet after Telos. Since he doesn't use shields, you're in a better position.

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The best lightsaber styles to kill Vrook are Makashi, Juyo or Niman. Don't bother with the other.


Unless Vrook is the last of the three remaining masters that you found, you won't get Juyo or Niman. You'll only get those after you whittle him down to half health.


Makashi, though, should be available to anyone, and since you're just fighting him, it's probably the best choice (bonus to Force resistance, as well as your attacks).

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