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Did Kreia fight in the Mandalorian wars?

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From the Chronicles of the Republic, which you can find on the official Kotor II site (or the GameBanshee site, here).


JEDI MASTER KREIA, Revan's old mentor, is still haunted by guilt, wondering whether it was her teaching that resulted in Revan's fall to the dark side, and begins to search for him. Sensing his last location, she travels to Malachor V, but is unable to shield her emotions, and is completely consumed by the dark side of the Force. She is lost to the Jedi, spending the next several years on Malachor V, learning its secrets, and eventually becoming The master of the Sith academy there. Guided by Kreia's influence, Sith assassins once again begin to emerge silently from Malachor V and strike at isolated Jedi across the Republic, capturing some Jedi to turn to the dark side, and slaying those that resist. Taken to the dark side world of Malachor V to be fed to the planet's dark energies, these Jedi husks create even more assassins and DARK JEDI, feeding the planet's hunger.


So, no, she didn't follow Revan until after the Mandalorian Wars and Revan's fall.

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She might have fought in the Mandalorian Wars because Master Kavar says to her: "I had thought you died in the Mandalorian Wars" and she says: "Die- no, became stronger, yes".

Yeah, that's in game. Which is slightlu more canon ( :p ) than the garbage fiction written on the starwars page for pre-teens to memorize.


Of course the whole narrative is so inconsistent that I wouldn't bet on it ...




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i don't think she was an active participant. more like a person on the sidelines keeping tabs on her favored student but got caught in the middle maybe

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Ok it's settled than. She was. However, she must have been the oldest jedi to follow revan. In the first game it was said that Revan appealed to the younger crowd.


That's true. I remember it being implied that it was mostly the younger Jedi that went to fight. Vash says that many of the young ones were quick to join Revan and fell. That being said, it is possible that she fought in the Mandalorian Wars but I personally think she viewed from the sidelines for whatever reason.

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