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  1. Maybe. The Bink player can resize to a smaller screen size, but: if your processor isn't up to resizing 30 frames a second then you will probably get some unpleasant sound stutters.
  2. The only force powers I use are Force Barrier and Force Speed. Force Barrier is much better than a melee shield as it is only time limited, rather than limited in the amount of damage it can absorb. Force speed is always useful. Remember that for the last four fights you can use a blade, and for the last three fights you can wear armour and use stimulants. Add a keen (mulline (sp)) edge to the blade and bludgeoning protection to your armour (ballistic shielding, etc) and you should be fine. Dueling and toughness feats are also good (especially if you try it with the Beancounters' Hardc
  3. Well, you should probably update your ATI display driver. I'm intrigued as to why the scan hardware found no virtual memory. If this is really the case then that will cause you a lot of problems.
  4. That is an obscure bug. Obscure meaning that, if you were to quit, reload an earlier savegame and try again, chances are it wouldn't happen again. If you have the PC version, there is a fix available from the TSL Restoration Project (look for Handmaiden Training->Cutscene Fix). Of course, you would still need to load an earlier savegame...
  5. And, if there is an option for "worse", what happened to "better"? I don't think that the patches made the game a lot better, as it is still one major patch below par (an official fix for the Telos Academy imprisonment cutscene fix introduced by the 1.0B patch would be a minimum for a responsible publisher). I don't think the patches left the game the same, as there were some annoying issues patched which didn't make their way into the change log (synchronisation on the dialogue for the HK-50s in the Telos Military Base, amongst others). So, I can't vote
  6. By normal means you can't level up much beyond 30. If you use the Hssiss exploit to level up too much beyond that, then you run into a bug with the loot system, whereby you stop getting lightsabers. Just ask BattleWookie, he knows all about this one.
  7. You can't; Handmaiden and Bao Dur are too much the boy scouts to get influence from bad deeds - that only works with Atton and Visas. You could keep Kreia in your party to prevent the influence loss, but it's better to ditch the goody-two shoes when you are going to be bad as you will just annoy Kreia instead...
  8. The alternative questions is: why the hell would you want to spend $50.00 or (
  9. Seems like a similar problem to this one I remember from a while back. I would presume that the exile's VP has dropped too low, rather than Atton's (as the game should be switching back to the exile and Zez Kai Ell for a cutscene at the point you describe). The Kotor Savegame Editor, KSE, should still ride to your rescue, though...
  10. It's whether or you said Revan was good or bad that matters here. If Revan was DS then Carth would have run away after Revan returned from the temple and would have been stranded on the unknown world when the Ebon Hawk left. So, no Carth as a Republic admiral... If Revan was LS female then Bastilla might not have been saved on the Star Forge... So: (highlight to view) Your own alignment doesn't really matter with any of this. * EDIT * Perhaps a move to spoilers would be in order?
  11. I thought there was supposed to be a good, fixed drop, lightsaber crystal in the palace? I can't swear to it being the Ultima Pearl, though. In the most northwesterly room (the one with the logic puzzle to open the door), on the left hand side of the bed is a locked container. You can't bash it open, and it needs a fearsome security skill to unlock, but it should contain the crystal... * EDIT * According to GameSpot:
  12. My understanding is that the game engine was modified between K1 and K2, specifically to make those full length robes possible. This would mean that the new models can't be shoe-horned into K1. Certainly no-one has been able to back-port the robes so far. A quick peruse of pcgamemods' robes shows that the only real full length robes are based on the darth Bandon robe. Sorry to be negative.
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