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Capital Ships

What capital ship style is your favorite?  

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  1. 1. What capital ship style is your favorite?

    • Star Destroyer (and all variants from Clone Wars & KOTOR eras)
    • Mon Calimari Cruisers
    • "Harbinger" Republic warships (as seen in KOTOR1 & KOTOR2)
    • Trade Federation "battleships"
    • Nebulon frigates (like the Rebel "medical frigates")
    • "Tantive IV" Corellian Corvettes (from Ep. 3 & 4)
    • Some other style
    • I prefer lowercase ships

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Its RAVAGER not bloody ravenger or revenger. The spelling mistakes are astounding, especially since the word is written in the subtitles!


This post isnt aimed at anyone in particular and if english is not your native language then forgive my outburst and ignore it.


However if it is your native language - then go back to school, or pay attention in class if you are there already.

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The whole heavy battleship Star Destroyer style. Nebulon Frigates had me intrigued for a short while, but I found Star Destroyers to be grandest in all the sim games (X-Wing, Tie, X-Wing Alliance).


it was massive and looked cool even though it had a stupid weak spot

Heh, I wonder if those shield generators we added to deliberately make it stupid.


Pure Pazaak - The Stand-alone Multiplayer Pazaak Game (link to Obsidian board thread)

Pure Pazaak website (big thank you to fingolfin)

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I'm kind of partial to the basically cylinder shaped ship like Carrack-class light cruiser. Very fast for a capital ship and decent firepower and armor for its 350 meter frame. Dreadnaught cruiser is pretty cool too but old and inefficient and the rebel upgrade, Assault Frigate looks goofy. Then there's Correlian Gunship the fast Old School rebel ship with lots of anti-starfighter guns, Interdictor Cruiser which manages to be pretty sleek looking despite those gravity well projectors, and the basic ISD's are pretty cool as well. So the wedge shape isn't bad either.


Nebulon-B is nice if somewhat impractical looking, and Corellian Corvette looks good when viewed from front angles. Mon Cal cruisers are, as it was said here, converted yatchs originally built for exploring the galaxy. Not altogether unpleasant, but not my favorite ships.


Of KotOR ships, I really like the Republic Hammerhead Cruisers, like the Harbringer. It's a distinctive style that still echoes Star Wars. Many SW games have the bad guy fly around with a SSD variant of some kind and they generally look silly. In K2's case it's Ravager which I kind of liked. Managed to get sort of proto-SD look really well.

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I thought the Doomgiver from Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast was cool, other than that, the kotor republic ships are cool.

The Doomgiver is by far my favorite variant of the wedge-shape design of the Star Destroyers.


I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Victory Class Star Destroyers. Although a little older than the ISD, they were extremely powerful for obliterating planet surfaces. (Guess what my favorite class is.)

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Colossus from Freespace2 would gun down any of your pathetic sw ships....



please,one dreadnaught sw ship versus that can of crap aint a contest.


Aint a contest........? .......a Dreadnaught which is in Thrawn triology considered as an old ship, that is about 600m long, his main weapons are a couple of turbolasers that are strong but not anything special(three Dreadnaughts barely hold off a stardestroyer not to mention they couldn't destroy it) versus the colossus that is 6000m long - yes 6km long, with 13 beam canons(read powerfull phasers)that would cut through any sw ship like through butter.....


I don't want to start any stupid and childish contest, like who is better: Enerprise or Vaders superdestroyer..... I was just trying to say that sw ships and technology in general are very primitive considering the "time" period and comparing sw technology to other SF technology from various books, films or games......

Not to mention comparing the technology from KOTOR to technology of episodes

1-6.... Like all the scientists from sw univers are retards or their brain functions

work as fast as the brain fuctions of characters from V.I.P. series..... :rolleyes:

It is just another spoiler in the sw storyline.....

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What about those...ummm, "Hapan Battle Dragons" or whatever? Weren't they the discs that had the spinning turbolasers along the rim of the ship? So that it was almost constantly firing? I thought they were supposed to tear up a Star Destroyer...I wish I could remember which book I read about those in.

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