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The Cyan Crystal

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You can save right before you talk to Daraala or Samhan the first time (or any merchant who sells color crystals) and check their inventory. If they don't have it, exit the conversation and reload.

This is not exciting, but it does work if you are desperate for a certain color. Took my four times (as an experiment) to get Cyan on Citidel Station.

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It must be the rarest item in the game, I played through the whole game without getting it, and now that I know of the random-cheat I'll save before venturing into the crystal caves, the only kink is that I'm playing as DS now so I feel I should have a red saber...

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A problem with the cyan crystals (on the Xbox, at least) it that the cyan lightsabers are constantly ignited. You can get them to shut off by brandishing them (Y button) but unless you do, they're always ignited.

I like the cyan, it's purty.

Bronze and orange look the same to me (the crystal shape is different), but both bronze and cyan look like the special crystals you could get from Suvam Tan in the first one. (Heart of the Force and Guardian of the Force, iirc).

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It's called 'bronze' in the description set, but it looks just like orange.


The "bronze" crystal doesn't seem to work as it was originally meant to, since in the item's name there is some indication that the crystal shouldn't be used in the game, if you use KSE. Weird thing is I actually ran into that crystal without cheating. But there's no difference between the "bronze" crystal and the orange one.


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Guest Damar Stiehl

Cyan is just as bugged on the PC. Lightsabres with that crystal won't turn off. I gave it to Kreia once and found her sitting with a sabre through her own chest.


Blarg. I like that colour.


You can't beat silver/viridian combo though, for lightside anyway.

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For those who are wondering (this has already been discussed awhile ago) the bronze crystal was put into the game as a treat for anyone with a HDTV (since HDTV's show more colours at a better resolution than standard TVs and computer screens). If you have a HDTV load two sabers one with the orange crystal and one with the bronze and you should notice a slightly different shade of colour between the two... thats it.


Also about the cyan crystal I have the Xbox version and I usally use the cyan crystal in my sabers and I have never noticed them staying lit all the time, they always seem to shut down after 5 seconds or whatever it does when any other crystal is used.

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