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What are some of your favorite mods?

Zach Morris

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It depends what game we're talking about?


Play Any Faction Mod for Rome:TW is pretty good.


BG2 is the game I've most experience with, mod-wise. I can't imagine playing it without Weimer's Ease-of-Use and Tactics. Ascension is pretty cool, too.





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I've only really *used* three mods for games.


"Ascension" and "Dungeon be gone" for BG2 and the "Remove Turret Game" for Kotor1


I've tried out a lot for various games, but they more or less felt like what they were, mods, and never stayed beyond brief testing :)

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If you can call them mods, I've played fan missions for Thief/Thief2 for years. There's approximately 500 missions that I remember playing. Some quality work too, as the original developer's(LGS's) work is already toppled by some of the best missions. Yes...they're good.


For those not in the know:






I so love giving unexplained links. :blink:

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Natural Selection for Half-Life is a great mod if you fancy playing an RTS from the point of view of one of the minions, or you can be the commander with the top down view if you're feeling brave. It's a quality mod all the way, with music from Jeremy Soule.



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