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What kotor1 character do you want to see in kotor3

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As long as there is HK-47 I'll be happy... And maybe they should bring back Mission, too. But I definitely want to see all of the Kotor2 female characters

except for Kreia, obviously. She's dead

. They are sooo cute! Especially Mira.

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I'd like to see all the Kotor2 characters return, just as non-playable NPCs, they would be the masters of the new Sith/Jedi order. You'd no doubt be one of the students at the new Jedi/Sith academy. As for Kotor1 characters, just HK-47 and T3-M4, and my guess is the story would be the search for Revan and the Exile, so Revan no doubt would make an appearance. Just get whoever did the voice for his/her combat/acknowledgement voices in Kotor1 to do his/her voice.

The area between the balls and the butt is a hotbed of terrorist activity.


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That Selkath merchant outside of Ahto City! Can't wait to see him lay the smackdown on a Sith Lord.


Aside from him from K1: Revan and Bastila of course. Jolee, I miss that old fogey lecturing me. I liked Carth as a non-party npc admiral, it'd be cool to see him again there. If they can pull off what they did with T3 giving him personality, I wouldn't mind seeing Zaalbar as a non-party npc, only if they can give him personality like T3 in K2 though.


From K2: Atton, that guy cracks me up, definately has the Han Solo thing down, would like him as my pilot again. Mira would be pretty cool to see, if possible Bao-Dur as I quite don't know what happened to him. Of course HK and T3 and I wouldn't mind seeing Mandalore as a non-party npc. Visas as a non-party npc would also be nice.

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A must have is at least to know what REALLY happened to Revan. Why not meet him/her. And Bastila too since she's bond to Revan. Of course, we must know what happened to the Exile and her/his Jedi friends.

As playable character, HK 47 is also a must have. It's my favorite droid in all Star Wars universe.

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I have a hard time comparing C3PO, a suspiciously homosexual coward, to HK-47, a sarcastic assassin.


Anyway, i'd like to see Yuthura Ban and Jolee in K3. Yuthura is the only worthwhile Twi'lek character ever.

You insulted Mission! You must DIE!!!

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I loved Mission and would love to see her back. It would be possible to do this even with a DS Revan, and would make an interesting twist in the character. With an LS Revan, she'd be pretty much the same Mission Vao, but grown-up. A definite Light Sider herself. Wanting to help her old friend, having her join your party would be way for her to do that.

However, even with a DS Revan, she could have survived. Hey, when going for the Dark Side points, most people probably had Revan order Big Z to do the dirty deed. While he did obey, I can't see him doing it wholeheartedly. Heck, he could have even avoided actually killing her deliberately and deliberately struck to have her lose consciousness. Cut to however many years later, this Mission Vao is scarred both physically and mentally from what happened, and is far on the Dark Side herself now with a desire to find Revan and extract her revenge. And for this she will join your party as she sees it at the best way to help make this happen.

It would add a lot of writing of course, to add two spins to one character, but dang, would it add replayability to the game.

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Dustil, first and foremost. The fact that he was supposed to make an appearance in K2 but had his scene cut just grates on my nerves.


And of course, I'd like to see Revan and Bastila. Aside from them, though, there's really no one else from the first game I'd care to see.


But I thought I read in an interview that Chris Avellone and co. would take K3 in a completely different direction if they were ever to do it. They said something about K3 being totally divergent of the first two games. So, I'm guessing that means that we would have all new NPCs and all new worlds to go to, with an all new storyline that has nothing to do with K1 or K2.


In light of that, I think, if Obsidian ever does K3, Revan's fate will only be mentioned in passing, but it will be a definitive answer that leaves nothing to the imagination. I doubt we'll ever see him or her again, though. It just doesn't seem to be in the cards from what I've heard so far about a possible K3.

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I've mentioned this in other places on the net. For K3 characters...


You should choose and assemble your whole Jedi Strike Team from the list of all kotor characters.


At the beginning of the game this gives you more opportunity to interact with the characters You want to play with.


Maybe even choose the main character from that list of kotor characters.


They should be outfitted with the basic gear of Jedi at the start also. Jedi robe and lightsaber. Perhaps Personalized robe and personalized lightsaber.


There are enough Kotor characters to fully form a complete Dark or Light team.

I don't know that any new characters should be made at all, but I suppose we could allow a few.


If I only I had a billion dollars. I would buy Kotor from lucas and let Obsidian have enough time to do it right. Hostile takeover. :lol:

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