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  1. Yes, you are absolutely right. I had the feeling that, even if I was the leader, everybody in the crew was just judging me. The main example of this is obviously Kreia. I had to lose my +3 Wis bonus (acquired by being a LS Master) to know something more about the story! I think influence system is good, but not when you are trying to discover something _very_ plot-related. For one reason or another, when I met Darth Nihilus I did know quite nothing about him... how's that possible?
  2. As long as there is HK-47 I'll be happy... And maybe they should bring back Mission, too. But I definitely want to see all of the Kotor2 female characters . They are sooo cute! Especially Mira.
  3. I'm going to buy both... but I think that the DA plot will be slightly different: you know nothing of your past... a cleric stepfather raised you as if you were his real son, but in the very beginning of the game he dies... so you decide to go outside your village with a caravan, but an avalanche get you caught in the middle of nowhere, and all of your caravan companion die... suddenly a man dressed in blue give you a quest: the people who live in his cave are short on water, so you have to fetch a water ch - ahem, a big amount of water... you find on your road an attractive young and tale
  4. I am here because I am in search of the perfect Rpg. I am a roleplayer and a powergamer too, since I've discovered the rpg-world by playing Diablo... not much of a Rpg, but still it gave me the sensation of increasing power and wealth and knowledge every step I took in the game... Then it came my first manual of D&D, 1st edition (with the red cover, you know?)... and then again the expansions... and finally then my players, as I was the DM, playing also the role of a banished god by the name of Durpuvel, sending the PC on epic quests, making them even marry etc. Then came BG --- boom! Th
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