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  1. Yes, you are absolutely right. I had the feeling that, even if I was the leader, everybody in the crew was just judging me. The main example of this is obviously Kreia. I had to lose my +3 Wis bonus (acquired by being a LS Master) to know something more about the story! I think influence system is good, but not when you are trying to discover something _very_ plot-related. For one reason or another, when I met Darth Nihilus I did know quite nothing about him... how's that possible?
  2. As long as there is HK-47 I'll be happy... And maybe they should bring back Mission, too. But I definitely want to see all of the Kotor2 female characters . They are sooo cute! Especially Mira.
  3. I'm going to buy both... but I think that the DA plot will be slightly different: you know nothing of your past... a cleric stepfather raised you as if you were his real son, but in the very beginning of the game he dies... so you decide to go outside your village with a caravan, but an avalanche get you caught in the middle of nowhere, and all of your caravan companion die... suddenly a man dressed in blue give you a quest: the people who live in his cave are short on water, so you have to fetch a water ch - ahem, a big amount of water... you find on your road an attractive young and talented woman who joins you in your quest... you get caught by an elven mage who has seen your incredible potential... you escape and return to the cave, but nobody is here anymore, everybody got killed or kidnapped by a military organization... rumors are that they are descendant of an ancient lizard race... you discover you are a former bad guy, but now you have the chance to redeem yourself... your female companion betrays you --- and there's a massive final showdown where you have to fight a bald guy with a lightsaber, two halfdemon twins, a medusa sorceress, a big woman with a trident who claims to be the former lover of a dead god, a devil who escaped from the frozen lands where he has been bound and a trascendent one. That's cool, isn't it?
  4. I am here because I am in search of the perfect Rpg. I am a roleplayer and a powergamer too, since I've discovered the rpg-world by playing Diablo... not much of a Rpg, but still it gave me the sensation of increasing power and wealth and knowledge every step I took in the game... Then it came my first manual of D&D, 1st edition (with the red cover, you know?)... and then again the expansions... and finally then my players, as I was the DM, playing also the role of a banished god by the name of Durpuvel, sending the PC on epic quests, making them even marry etc. Then came BG --- boom! That was what I wanted to do as a DM... good plot, politics, the right amount of important NPCs and magic weapons and... Since then I have played almost every Pc-Rpg that I have found here in Italy... That's why I'm here.
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