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Still Over 30 Painful Days To Wait For KOTOR II...

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(Please no flaming,and please treat others with respect and this is a peaceful thread,Thankyou for your co-operation...Peace! ;))



Still Over 30 Painful Days To Wait...


Got any giggles and laughs to share with us? got any thing you want to sprout? then come on in while we wait for KOTOR II :lol:


February 11th 2005 will be the spotlight! :lol:


wanna join me in waiting? :p






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you are really sucked in by that 'fixing the glitches' crap. They are not specially delaying the game just to fix glitches up for us. Its cos they dont give two hoots about australians, and we can just sit and wait!


this guy has a problem :lol:





but any way


peace! ;)

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I have no problems! *eye twitches*


sorry if that sounded too harsh, I just get angry cos america gets everything first



thats ok Mars (w00t) you are welcome into our little party :lol:;)


Yes I believe its Feburary 11th :lol:

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I've got a top hat.


It's got a little winged kitten sitting on it.


It'd really like to eat you all.


Just be aware that we'll have bugs. Hopefully, we'll have patches. For the PC, at least.


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I heard February 4th to the 17th, so it can be anyone's guess.  I am just wondering if they are doing anything else to the PC version besides bug fixes.


If they did, will you get it?


Depends on what they did. If they fix the BAB's, placed a smarter combat AI, and remove teh rampant leveling, I might.

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Waiting hmyeahhmyeahmyeah hehe

Still Waiting yeahyeahemmh ehhehehe

Yeah im still waiting hehe hehehe hehehehe


Tell me if I go crazy.

*Lies on floor in fits*


Hehe, cuse me while I stick a pencil up my nose

*Does thing above*


rewnuisprabnuirsbipurbr\bgri[btejkbetuithnjsbuirehbeatoube[uo *crazy gibberish*


Yeahyeah thats cool yeah hehe.


nvuiarebiugbriuprgbabrejbvrvbnjkvdsbhdsvmgiroanre[rnor *more crazy gibberish*


OK I am now calm, in control.

Or am I...


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