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I tell you a story, you tell me one.


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This dude in the TSL forums was talking about how addicted he was to the game and it reminded me of something similiar happened to me before.


Ok you wanna here a great story about how addictive this game is?


Here it goes i went out to the mall and bought this gaem at 1:30 and got back at 2.

I immidiately start playing and do not eat dinner even though my family calls me up for food. I don't even drink untill 9:00 PM.


I stayed up untill 6:30 AM playing the game all night non-stop no bathroom break no food break and I swear on that. I heard my father upstairs turning the water on to take a shower as he got up and i pretty much stopped reading teh dialoug so i realized it awas tiime to sleep.


I turn off teh Xbox, HOLD ON THIS HAS A POINT, and sleep for six hours wake up at twelve on the very same couch i had been on all night playing meaning i havnt gotten upsince 2 PM the previous day.


Anyway its 12 PM when i wake up after 6 hours sleep. and i immidiatley start playing again, I cant stop untill i beat teh game and at this point im about 3/7s done with the game beat Peragus, Taris, and Halfway through Dantooine.


Ok im gettign somewhere with this. I play untill 3 and my dad tells me hes goign out for pizza so i say great im starving. An hour later he still ahsnt come and i think i was just finishing up with dantooine.


All of a sudden i get a taste in my mouth. I get teh most potent ctraving for ice cold coca cola i have ever had in my life. IT was as if i could taste it. Bare in mind i havnt gotten off the couch in 24 hours except to turn my XBOX off at 6 AM and on at 12PM. SO i say ok im thirsty im goignup for a drink.


I stand up and feel a little dizzy since i have been liying down for HOURS UPON HOURS. i stagger up the stairs and try to shkae it off.


Then I open up the pantry to get out a glass and i look in it at i see a spec of soemthign and decide i don't want to dirnk out of a glass with a spec so i take a plastic cup instead.


I go to the freezer open it up for ice and a wave of disorientation washes over me and im like "Holy SH*T" I feel so funny its great!!" SO anyway i start putting ice in my glass then all of a sudden....


BLack all blackk i feel nothing and the only thing that takes me out of the black is the sound of my body hitting teh floor.


I blacked out from hours of liign down not eating or goign to teh bathroom. So i am lieing there seeign all black but somewhat concies awaken by the sound of my boddy hititng teh floor my mom comes in and pulsl me up and she says what happend hows ur head!


All i can sayt is.. I blacked out and im stunned since i have never fainted or anythign before so it was kidna cool.


she pulls me to a chair and i dont knwo if you all have lost a lot of blood before but thats what it felt liek. My skin turned white and moist i was dazed and could barely talk. the ENTIRE LEFT SIDE OF MY BODY WENT NUMB AND I COULDNT HEAR OUT OF THE LEFT EAR. My collar bone area was bleeding, i dotn knwo why, liek i said i dont rember the fall only the sound.


I dont wake out of the daze till my dad comes home gives me my usualy 4 slices and a hawian punch...


Then i go back down to play more KOTOR 2.



Mmm, power gaming. . . Brings me back to the old days.


I did have something similiar happen to me before but not nearly as serious. It was back in the old days when I was playing my old N64 (which I chucked out the window not that long ago) and my relatively new Xbox. I was trying to beat all the games I had that I hadn't finished yet, and I went just about 2/3 of the time you went without food or bathroom or anything I dunno but it was a long time, so I get hungry really really bad and I get up off the couch which I hadn't moved from even to turn on or off my game systems (I know, I only beat two games) and I'm all like. . .


"Whoa" and I stagger a bit and thought "hmm, maybe I should sit down and strech a little"


so I sit down and kinda do some streches while sitting down, and it helps a wee bit when I stand back up but not much. So I thought "the hell with it I'm hungryhungry hippo right now" Well I go into the kitchen and I accidentally knock over a glass of orange juice (don't ask why my dumb sister left it there because I just explained it to you she's dumb) on my shirr. So I reach for a clean dish-towel and start cleaning my shirt, right? Bad idea. Never stand idle after sitting on a couch for that long. Don't run either. Or walk for more than a full minute. But it's safe to sit, sometimes, well actually the only thing you can do is lie down, if not sit.


Well everything is going blacker than it did when I got off the couch and I thought "meh, it'll clear up like it did a couple of minutes ago"

And then I was all like oh sh- *ahem* poo, my left arm is going numb! And that was the one I was cleaning with. So I knew to sit down right away but I guess it was too late by then.


*pitch black*


*sounds of falling on the floor and hitting a grocery bag along the way*


When I woke up I was all numb on my right side which I was laying down on btw and I knew I should get something to eat. Lucky for me I didn't hit the cabinets or anything when I fell so I wasn't bleeding, just numb. I crawl to the fridge, take out the milk jug and drink straight out of it 'cause the cups and glasses were in a cabinet that I couldn't reach sitting down.


Then I eat all the smoked ham and turkey breast I could salvage and a cheese stick and some reeses I put in there to keep them from melting like reeses tend to do. And I get back up, fully concious but not going to take any chances so I lie down on the couch and take a nap.


And the only reason no one was there was 'cause they went to some stupid parade that I dint want to see 'cause I saw it last year.


Now you tell me a story, bugar-boob.

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never passed out from gaming ..


although at a lan party once (with 700 people) for 4 days ..

I didn't sleep at all and started to hallucinate on day 4, and shadows began moving and I got tunnel vision .. but I needed to focus on the game .. so all around the screen went completly black, all I could see was the screen .. and all I could move was my hands .. so I continued playing as it didn't affect my reflexes or anything! ;)


when the party was over my gf came to pick me up, and just stared at me .. "Rosbjerg .. you are completly gray!!" and I looked down, my skin had turned greyish white .. when I came outside (completly clouded) I couldn't open my eyes because the "sun" was too bright .. she had to walk me to the car because I couldn't see!


sunday night I went to sleep .. woke up a couple of time, but slept all the way to tuesday!

Fortune favors the bald.

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I sometimes have a blackout when I'm sitting behind my PC for hours. When I get up for a smoke/bathroom/drink break, suddenly I get tunnelvision and then everything goes black before my eyes and I can't seem to find my balance. Then I have to stand still for a minute to let my vision and balance return to normal.


I think this has to do with the fact that too much blood is drained from the brain, because it has to fill the bloodless places you sat on.

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The only time I've passed out was after donating blood...It was an hour or two later, I was alone in my room, and hit the floor while I was on the phone. Yeah, that was fun.


I've been good in not playing KOTOR2 for insanely long hours, but once I was in an online RP session that lasted 13 hours.

Proud purveyor, owner and operator of the Wonder Twins

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I once had to work a night shift two weeks in a row. Usually you work one week and get one week off and then one week of work again, but the schedule had been screwed up so I got two weeks in a row. I didn't think much about it, because I knew I'd get a lot of money.. Anyhow, the night shift is 11 hours long and the first week was fine. The second week I was beginning to feel odd when I sat there in front of the computer screens at work, but it didn't bother me. When the two weeks were over my boss called me and asked if I could take just two more days because someone had called in sick. I said "Sure! I'm Superman!" and went back to work.. it turned out to be two 18 hour shifts in a row.


The last day on those last 18 hour shifts I began to see shadows moving in the corner of my eye. I constantly twitched in the direction of the shadows, because it really looked like someone was coming, but everytime I turned noone was there. I think that's the closest I've been to your powergaming sessions. Hallucinations.

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I remember when they had a warning in. . .Baldur's Gate? BG 2? Ah, it doesn't really matter. Anyways, it said "While your character doesn't need to eat and drink. . .you do! Please take care of yourself! or something like that.


I've been known to play a computer game for about 12 hours, walk over to a flat surface and be asleep before I hit it.


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"While your character doesn't need to eat and drink. Remember you do! we don't want to lose any dedicated players" .. it was actually a good warning, funny and true! :D

although I always eat and/or drink when playing rpgs .. it's hard to make a moral decision on a emtpy stomach! :)

Fortune favors the bald.

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Well I was running this PnP campaign in Cyberpunk 2020. We started on Friday night, ordering a 20' pizza and had two liters. We played and we played, and then decided to get another 20" pizza and 2 liters. And we played and we played and decided to get another 20" pizza and two liters.


Then we noticed what time it was. It was Sunday afternoon and none of us were any where near tired.


Man, I love being a GM. :D

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I didn't read the story after I read the first sentence and who it was by (I'm watching you Gremlin)...can someone confirm whether or not there's spoilers in it for me?


no spoilers .. he doesn't talk much about the game!



Thank you, I'll read the thread now.



@Gremlin: I'm still watching you!

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I have no future...

Lou Gutman, P.I.- It's like I'm not even trying anymore!

One billion b-balls dribbling simultaneously throughout the galaxy. One trillion b-balls being slam dunked through a hoop throughout the galaxy. I can feel every single b-ball that has ever existed at my fingertips. I can feel their collective knowledge channeling through my viens. Every jumpshot, every rebound and three-pointer, every layup, dunk, and free throw. I am there.

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