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Single or Double Saber?

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I like using two singles, personally. I just like the way the more interesting attack animations look when thus equipped. Since I have a weapon in each hand, I still skip Dueling.


Edit - I originally liked the double, and I always get that when I build the 1st, but I like double-single better now.

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For me - single saber with blue crystal! ROCKS!


For the other Jedi of my Party:


Kreia: single hilt, green


Atton: RH Single hilt bronze, LH single hilt blue


Handmaiden: RH single hilt silver, LH single hilt cyan


Bao-Dur: Double-bladed cyan


Visas: Double-blade viridian


Mira: Single hilt, violet


Looks really cool when we get to kicking ass!

P.S sorry if this spoils it for newbies!

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Where do you get this calculating information?  It makes absolutley no sense at all.  This game is based on Wizards of the Coats's D20 system, which has, I might add, STANDARD strength bonuses to weapons.  Why would useing a single hand to wield a lightsaber turn out more strength bonus than two?


And the 1x is added twice; once for each saber!  duh, with strength 12, you would get +1 for the first attack and +1 for the second.  So, it makes your strong character BETTER by adding another opprotunity for it's strength bonus.  C'mon, people, think logically, the left hand has some strength bonus in it!


Actually, while I have never played a Star Wars d20 game, I have dm'ed/played a lot of D&D, and looking at the feedback supports my math.


A character holding a single-bladed lightsaber gets 1.5x strength bonus per hit. Check the feedback. This is equivalent to a character wielding a one-handed weapon in two hands. Using both hands, you can bring the weapon down harder.


A character holding two single-bladed lightsabers (or short) get a 1x strength bonus in the normal hand, and the off-hand saber does half strength bonus. Once again, check the feedback if you don't believe me. This is the same as the core d20 ruleset. Your offhand is less adept than your normal hand, and cannot assist your main hand as in the first example.


The odd case out is the character wielding a double-bladed lightsaber. While technically a two-handed weapon, according to the d20 ruleset, you are supposed to fight with it as if it were a one-handed weapon and a light weapon (so it should do the 1x strength, and the 1/2x strength on the off-hand). Yet in KOTOR2 it deals 1.5x strength damage on each normal-hand hit, and 1/2 strength damage on the off-hand attack. Check the feedback if you don't believe me; it's easy enough to do.


For a strength 12 character, I would recommend dual-wielding single/short; benefits from crystals far outweigh any meager bonus damage from multiplied strength. But say, you have a 30 strength (a +10 modifier).


For simplicity's sake in this discussion, I will assume every attack hits. This is just for the calculation of how much strength damage your character deals per round of attacking, not a calculation of average damage per round or whatnot. I will also ignore criticals; a real calculation would include crits, as they can make a huge difference. The character will be flurrying, using Juyo, and under the effect of Burst of Speed.


A single lightsaber user will do +15 damage from strength on every strike. He gets 5 attacks (base attack, flurry, Juyo, two Speed), and so his strength contributes 15 * 5 = 75 points of damage this round.


A two-saber user will do +10 damage from strength on his normal hits, and +5 damage on his offhand. He gets 6 attacks (base attack, flurry, Juyo, two Speed, offhand), and so his strength contributes 10 * 5 + 5 = 55 points of damage this round.


A double-bladed saber user will do +15 damage from strength on his normal hits, and +5 damage on his offhand hit. He gets 6 attacks (base attack, flurry, Juyo, two Speed, offhand), and so his strength contributes 15 * 5 + 5 = 80 points of damage this round.


While this simple calculation makes it appear that double-bladed is just better overall, tweaking with critical modifiers and the like make a single saber VERY competitive. Two-sabers are by far the weakest for attacking, unless you have a non-strength bonus to damage (sneak attack) and a low strength, in which they're about equal to a double-bladed user. Nevertheless, two-sabers can be very useful for Force casters, who can benefit from 4 crystals instead of two to beef up their wisdom and charisma.


Any questions?

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There are too many double Bladed lightsabers in Star Wars games.


They are suppose to be this rare weapon that require huge skill to use.


Heck my first time through the game at one point I had 1 single blade saber and 4 double blade before I figured out I could save and reload to get a different random saber.


Jedi Academy is even worse. You go to the final levels in that game and just about every other Jedi or sith has a saber staff.


There is nothing wrong with a game giving the main character one or a special boss battle but they shouldn't be as common as they are.


Jedi in the movies and books are almost totally single blade users.


The Games should reflect that.



considering only one person has ever used a double-bladed in the movies I'd say alot more than almost of our force-wielding friends.

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single blade is more romantic in my opinion.


I agree with those who say that the double bladed weapons and double wielding jedi loses its novelty once everyone has does it. I mean the most powerful Jedi and sith wielded single lightsabers, Dooku, Sidius, Vader/Anakin, Yoda, Obi Luke, Mace, i mean come on its only special if to wield a staff or double blades if its rare and no one else does PS its rare because unless you are a complete master, your 1 on 1 fighting chances are severally diminshed.


And as for thsoe who say that wileding a double saber obviously would make you much more powerful and that it makes no sense for the game to give bonuses for singel blade wielders, you obviously have no concept of actual combat with weapons and seem to get all your information about life form u littel D20 games so stick to the die and let the men who know what they are tlaking about speak.


Wielding a staff OR two swords over wielding one Blade has SERIOUS draw backs!


First it throws off you ballance and accuracy. It is MUCH MUCH harder to hit a target with one blade in each hand than it is to strike with a single blade!! Go try it!!


Secondly you become EXAUSTED wielding two blades or a staff becasue its takes much more energy, breath, coordination and focus. The Exaustion caused by wileidng a staff or a blade in each hand basically makes the bonus u get from being able to swing at an enemy twice basically moot.


Thirdly you have to open up ur stance when fighitng with two weapons to keep balance which severly decreases you defense and leaves u vulnerable to getting.... chopped in half *coughMaulcough*


Finally, when wielding a staff u really dont have that great of an attack advantage especially becasue its not really a staff, its a double bladed lightsaber whcih means u can not grab one end to parry or increase ur reach to the opponent, ur hands are restricted to the middle of the stick. Two blades in each hand takes an even greater toll on ur ability to defend becasue the momentum from each blow severly increase ur reaction time and ability to block an attack as well as pull off successive paris of attack. Two blades would be very efficient against chooping down large amounts of poorly armed and armored enemies but against a skilled single lightsaber wileder i think you would simply not be able to defend urself and die fairly quickly unless u were ridiculously good.

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I prefer to use a Standard + a short lightsaber. Reasons for these are:


1) You pretty often get critical hits doing well over 100 damage for each class. With a Guardian / Weaponsmaster I even got to 250 damage sometimes. Crystals are Ankarres Sapphire's or Nextor coupled with Opila / Personal Crystal.


2) You bring out so much damage that you don't need to worry about your defense most of the time.


3) You have the opportunity to use 4 crystals in your lightsabers which is a big advantage. My configurations depends on the class I am playing. For a Weaponsmaster I obviously take the most damaging + MC in my sabers. For a Jedi Master I invest in crystals which will increase my Wisdom or Constitution, Kaiburr is the crystal I will go after.


For colors, well it depends on the moment, as well as the combination of robes / face / class etc. I never used a Yellow (banana) colored saber. And I never take a Cyan crystal in it again. I wish there was a golden colored saber. yeah, yeah nobody is ever satisfied, it's just my opinion.

Master Vandar lives!

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First used Cyan changed to purple single lightsaber with a Jedi Weapons Master. Cyan becomes a little annoying when it doesn't turn off because of that glitch.


I thought it was just in my game. :thumbsup:


Annoying indeed. In my experience, that glitch is only when the cyan crystal is in a single-bladed lightsaber. Works fine in a double-bladed. Haven't tried in a short lightsaber yet though.

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