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Icewind Dale II


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I have both games .. and I really like IWD2 .. for a multitude of reasons, I think it's a good story (not as great as 1 but good), and the character options are way better than IWD1 imo ..


I would give IWD1 a 9/10 and IWD2 a 8/10!

I really like how you visit all the old places in the sequal and see how it's changed..

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I like making table-top characters for good systems, such as the World of Darkness.  There's a lot more to it than rolling attributes.




(w00t) , WoD system good ? :-

what have you been smoking there buddy. <_<


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ID 2, it's not worth anyones time really.


but then again, if you got nothing else to do and you can get it cheap....



As before everything in this post is... IMO

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"There's a lot more to it than rolling attributes."


If this is a silly crack at D&D; I hope you realize that its characetr creation is so far past rolling 6 ability scores which takes up such a small, small, small, small, small amount of characetr creation effort. Just plain silly.


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Where is the portion of D&D character creation where you develop personality, ethics, background, etc?


You can tell a lot about a roleplaying system by taking a peek at the character sheet.


D&D is about "roll" playing. You can "role" play in D&D despite the rules. But that's not what the rules cater to.

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