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  1. i don't think anything works...wait for patch. either that or move to a desktop. it ran fine on my old comp with a geforce 2.
  2. A Wrinkle In Time, that was a great book.
  3. locke's creepy. even with all the things he's done, i always get this feeling he's gonna end up doing something really bad.
  4. i killed some fish...it's bothered me ever since.
  5. prince of persia: warrior within had some great concept art. in fact, my background's the pic of the prince with swords crossed.
  6. can't install cat 4.11 on a radeo igp 345m, just doesn't work. i don't get a black screen, i actually load up the inside of the ship before the game just crashes.
  7. my radeo igp isn't compatible with the newer drivers on d/l. and omega drivers don't work for me.
  8. yeah, same here, hoping for that miracle patch...or maybe i'll just bum around in a friend's room and play it.
  9. Yep, I got the same problem, with the same card.... wouldn't happen to be crashing just as you get to the ebon hawk after the first cutscene would you? Not that I can help, it just feels better to know I'm not alone Anyway, I've searched a lot over the past year for OGL 1.4.0, but I can't find anywhere to download it... sorry. I doubt that's the problem though. Have you got windows Xp Sp2? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> yeah, i've got sp2. i spent the afternoon trying to figure it out...and this is what i've got. omega drivers don't work, when i use omega drivers, all i get is a black screen. however, when i delete my drivers and get an older one, a non-catalyst, (the one before Jan 2003), i actually get a loaded image, then it freezes and crashes. when my friend with a better graphics card tried it, he got the black screen too, but when he updated, everything worked fine. i think it's just our radeon igp 345m... they need new drivers for us. this shouldn't happen though; kotor worked fine.
  10. not too soon, esp with so many problems with drivers and crap.
  11. master vandar, that's the same thing with me. it makes no sense at all.
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