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Lightsaber Forms

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A lot of people have been discussing the Lightsaber/Force forms so I decided to make up a little table for people to reference in discussing strategies and whatnot.



Basic forms


Attack Modifier +1. Defense +3. Defense vs. current target -3.



Attack Modifier +3 w/ lightsaber. Damger +3. Blaster Bolt Deflection -5. Saves vs. Force Powers. +2.



Defense vs current target +2. Blaster bolt deflection +4. Weapon threat range -1.


Force Channel FP Regeneratino +50% (noncombat) Force power damage +3. Saves vs. Force powers +2.


Advanced Forms


Defense -2. Defense vs current target +5. Blater bolt deflection -4. Weapon threat range -1.



Attack modifier +2. Defense vs current target -5. Blaster bolt deflection +2. Critical multiplier +1.



Attack modifier +1. Defense +1. Blaster bolt deflection +1. Saves vs. Force powers +1.



Defense -4. Defense vs current target +2. Saves vs. Force powers -4. Attacks per round +1. Critical hit attack modifier +4.


Force Forms

Force Potency

Force power damage +30%. FP cost +20%.


Force Affinity

FP Regenerate during combat.


Force Mastery

Force power duration +50%. Opponent's saves vs Force Powers -2. Saves vs Force Powers -4. FP cost +20%.

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They are very interesting.  Also the forms you get depend the classes you choose.

Yeah, I have that written down as well, but I hear more clamoring for "what forms are in?" and "what do they do?" than which you get in each class. As I have finals this week, Im going to be very sporadically posting things like this that I think are relevant or, perhaps, wanted.

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That's odd, because they change for me. It only goes for the default Attack though, but still I noticed changes when choosing different Lightsaber forms.




huh, I guess I never pay attention to the default attack (since I'm a force-abusing, flurry-mastered maniac) upon switching, but instead was hoping the PC's stance itself would change when lightsaber forms were switched.......

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Ataru increases the Criticals of your attacks.



HINT: Master Power Attack will triple criticals.



Ataru will increase the Master Power Attack criticals.




Double lightsaber+Ataru+Master Power Attack= A lot of Damage.

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for the fighter spammers, Master Speed+Master Flurry+Juyo+a good Lightsaber+other good buff=many dead enemies.



Master Speed=+2 attacks


Master Flurry=+3 attacks


Juyo =+1 attacks



Total=+6 attacks per round




Then make your lightsaber to your favorite style then add your favorite buff powers.



Result: Many Dead Enemies regardless if they are dark jedi or not.

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