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New KOTOR era comic

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cool.  where's this info come from? is there a link?





Ah, concerning the Great Hunt:


Duron's Journal

This a data pad appears to be the personal journal of the Jedi Duron Qel-Droma. The last entry reveals what he was doing on this world:


Korriban is everything I imagined - and feared. I can feel the power of the dark side here, I can sense the terentatek hiding in this evil place.


Shaela and I have decided to venture forth into the Valley of the Sith Lords in search of the creatures. I only wish Guun Han was still with us.


Why couldn't he just accept that Shaela and I are in love? He claims our passion for each other will lead us down the dark side, but he can't even see how his own pride and arrogance are leading him away from the light.


Maybe it is good that he left, after all. Even as dangerous as the terentatek are, I'm certain Shaela and I can defeat one without his help.


Shaela's Journal

This data pad is the personal journal of the Jedi Shaela Nur. Her last entry is particularly compelling:


I have tracked the terentatek that ambushed us in the Shyrack caves to this tomb, but even as I stand at the entrance I know this is wrong.


Dark thoughts fill my mind: hatred and vengeance. I cannot stop myself from blaming Gunn Han for Duran's death. If he had not abandoned us, my love would surely have survived the terentatek's first attack.


But my hatred of Gunn Han pales beside my burning desire for revenge. My blood boils to destroy the creature that ended Duran's life, no matter what the cost.


I know such thoughts are those of the dark side, but I cannot help them. Even the second set of tracks outside the cave cannot dissuade me from my task. One terentatek, two, a thousand... it makes no difference to me now.


The only image I see is that of Duran's broken body, and only blood can cleanse it from my mind.


I hope my Master will forgive me for what I am about to do.


Guun Han's Journal

This data pad was recovered from the remains of a terentatek on Kashyyyk, and must have been devoured by the beast. It appears to be the personal journal of Guun Han Saresh. The last entry explains what he was doing on Kashyyyk:


Duran and Shaela have given in to their passion for each other, and are doomed to fall to the dark side. I tried to warn them against expressing their love, but they called me arrogant and accuse me - ME! - of being the one on the dark path. I left the fools on Korriban.


But I am not about to abandon the mandate given me by the Jedi Council. I will destroy the terentatek wherever I find them. I have heard rumors such a beast may exist in the Shadowlands of Kashyyyk.


I shall go there and slay the beast, proving that I do not need either Duran or Shaela with me to defeat these creatures!

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Sounds interesting enough.


Does a March publishing date mean it's coming out in December or January, or does it mean it's coming out in March?

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Sounds interesting enough.


Does a March publishing date mean it's coming out in December or January, or does it mean it's coming out in March?


Star Wars Tales #22


This one says it's coming out in December, so I'm not sure how far in between issues come out. Maybe a month later?

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The thing is though, these 3 Jedi absolutely got their asses handed to them, while Revan wiped the floor with these beasts - simultaneously toying with them mercilessly, before sending them to oblivion. :)

Twi'lek master - "I see, why do you think he's guilty?"

Revan - "Because he's fat."


That's our Revan. ^_^

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