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Llyranor thanks.

newc0253 what is mandarin?

In Sweden it's a small, orange fruit that you peel and eat at christmas. But I am sure newc0253 is referring to the chinese dialect Mandarin. (It's actually its own language, but they're very much alike, all these different chinese languages, so I call it a dialect anyhow)

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newc0253 what is mandarin?

according to one dictionary, it is the english word for the dialect spoken in and around beijing that is also the official dialect used by the government throughout china. it is also known as guoyu or putonghua. these are all transliterations, sorry, i don't know the proper chinese characters.


p.s. to be clear, i only know the following in mandarin: 'hello', 'how are you?', 'good morning', 'thank you' and 'president'. my conversations in mandarin are usually pretty short.

dumber than a bag of hammers

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