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Definitive answer to possible playthroughs?

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I think 9 class combonations...male female...ls ds...other minor decisions that we don't figure in...Revan ls ds...revan male female...



Not including class I think we have 16 major combonations not including apprenticeship stuff and other things we don't know about. Something like 100 medium combos and near infinite minor ones.

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Theoretically, theres:


1-DS Male-DS Male

2-DS Male-LS Male

3-DS Male-DS Female

4-DS Male-LS Female


And so on, with each starting alignment and gender breaking off into 4 alignment/gender combos.


However, I'm not sure how much different the play throughs will be. For instance, in the first KOTOR you could play through 4 different ways, but only 2 of the ways actually had different endings.

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I think it would be awesome to have so many options, it would really hard and time consuming to try them all out though!

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There will only be two major ways to play K2- Lightside or dark, there is no way that Obsidian could handle more options than that, within the timeframe.



We have been promised cameos by many of the characters in K but these wont have much to do with the central storyline.

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