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Different kinds of "Dark Side" behavior?

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Palpatine was the real sith lord. He was so powerful he didnt even need a lightsaber.

Yes, that's right. But I don't think most of the Imperials even realized that their Emperor was really an evil Sith Lord. He always kept himself hidden. His attacks were alwys out of the shadows.


And whenever possible, blame someone else for you own attacks (ie. Trade Federation, Dooku's Separatists, Clone Army, etc.)

"You shall not pass!"
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The book in question is Dark Empire, which is a fantastic read. It's quite dark. Luke goes over to the Dark Side for a while and devastates the New Republic under the cloned Emperor.


The Emperor turns him by saying that Luke would never understand his father, nor the true nature of the Force if he never tasted both sides. So Luke rationializes that if he is to become a Master, he needs a teacher, and if his father could resist the Dark Side to attone himself, that so could he.

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Alot of people here have commented on how the Dark Side in KOTOR was poorly handled. Most Dark Siders were just stupid, one-dimensional punks, and most things you were "supposed" to do if you wanted to get Dark Side points consisted of being:


-Crazy for no good reason

-A wiseass


Hardly a "seductive" path to the dark side, or the stuff of bad guys that are supposed to be scary villains. IMHO, this was the big weakness in terms of characterization that KOTOR suffered from.


Now, the Obsidian folks have said they are going to make evil more interesting and have more depth. Given the experience with games like Planescape: Torment, I can belive that. This is something I'm really looking forward to.


Thinking about it, I think there should be several DIFFERENT "evil/dark side" paths that should be available to you in terms of dialogue/actions. In other words, there should be more than one kind of dark side character type. For instance:


-The sadist. This character simply gets off on hurting people for its own sake. Gaining power is gratifying because it makes it possible to manipulate, dominate and control more people. They aren't pissed off, they just like inflicting pain. This is closest to how the PC's DS dialog choices are written, except that in KOTOR your dialog choices for the DS were often simply stupid, which sadists are not. A sadist will act quite nice and "normal" until they have a favorable opportunity to attack a person or group.


-The vigilante. This character has a grudge, and will do anything to get payback, and then some. This desire for revenge may be focused on one individual, or an entire race or even society. They are willing to destroy anybody who obstructs their mission in the slightest, and their nihilistic "ends justify the means" outlook leads them to become as bad, or worse, than what they set out to destroy in the first place. In fact, they may completely lose sight of their original motive for revenge as they spiral into the Dark Side.


-The tyrant. This character is concerned with the rational, thoughtful, systematic aquisition of power. They will not kill random people for no reason, or act openly crazy or evil. In fact, they don't per se enjoy killing at all. But they have no ethical constraints whatsoever, only their own self-interest in mind, and so will murder or betray anybody that gets in their way or becomes a liability.

We are trying to create more dark side options so you don't have to be "psychotic evil".


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Blacklight does exist but, its only a term as blacklight is actually floresent blue.

Yes, we have one of those in my apartment. It's kind of an indigo color. Never seen an "actual" black light.

A blacklight is actually an oxymoron. Light is used to tear threw blackness/darkness, but nonetheless it would be cool to see.

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What would be your different types of lightside I can think of 3.


Patriot- Believes his country (the Republic) is always right and try hardest to defend it.


Redeemer-Believes the darkside is morally wrong and will try to turn the lightside. This person only sees light and dark no shades of grey.


Kind- Stays open-minded are tries to help whoever he comes across even if it means stretching to the other side.


Then in the middle we have:


Undecided- Listens to both sides then decides where he wants to stand depending on the situation (very openminded).


The other guy- Doesn't really give a d**m about either side both are two extreme (like Jolee).

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