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  1. Maybe that's because we have so many mods keeping an eye on it... But seriously it's because all the mods can't be here all the time... especially with the holidays coming up. This way we can always have at least one adult present at the pool at all times in case you kids start rough-housing too much. red on dark grey is very difficult/straining to read for a lot of people
  2. That was actually the magnificant camera stylings of the photographer. That man does excellent work. He should like totally get a medal or something. text colour edited for the benefit of the visually impared
  3. We're done with that btw... just has to go through the bureaucracy/QA and all that fun stuff...
  4. A) There isn't a verion of KotOR2 in Russian B) Whatever language version it is, we don't support switching between languages. Mainly because the other languages don't exist on the disk
  5. Actually as previously stated, the music and movies were too big to include in this patch and will be released in a second patch in a few days.
  6. The "High Quality movies" are too big for this patch and are going to be put into their own patch which should be up in just a day or two (everything's done, just need to build them).
  7. I know one. Bioware. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If you're referring to NWN, then yes, that would be one. They made a game and worked closely with the moding community to ensure their game did what it was designed to do: be a platform for D&D enthusiasts to make their own custom maps. It was critical that they kept the people informed about what they were changing to try and foresee any problems it might cause with modules that already existed created by the fans. KotOR2 is a stand-alone, non multi-player game with absolutely no moding support. It isn't prudent or necessary to m
  8. I'm closing this because A) It's not useful B) Has flowrn off-topic C) Doesn't make any sense because most people who visit a tech-support forum are having problems with the game... that's why they visit tech-support forums.
  9. John Morgan said that they have problems with the patch. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Did Johnny tell what the problem is? How come you're the only one that knows about it? I don't think this patch is coming any time soon. That assuming it will come at all. I've heard people say that the problem is that they want a patch that fixes everything. Well, there's no such thing. There will always be a new and unexpected bug. I just wish they would release whatever patch they have, as long as it fixes something and doesn't screw anything else up in the game. That would put everyone at eas
  10. Link? URL? You seem to be the only poster around here giving Obsidian/Lucas Arts the benefit of the doubt. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> We've had problems with the patch.
  11. I don't know of any game company that gives that much detail to the general public.
  12. Not that simple Eh? Whoever told you this is wrong.
  13. All technical support goes through LucasArts so it's up to them what we fix, what we don't, and how many patches we work on and release.
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