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  1. It's Gamespy's Xbox RPG Game of the Year too.
  2. This is a request for the Devs not to release TSL (PC version) to soon before they have fixed all the bugs and other issues of the Xbox version. I won't mind if it were delayed one or two months, even all the way to summer, as long as it is complete and I am sure many PC gamers would agree with me. So please don't release TSL (PC) until it is done even if it means a delay.
  3. Only thing they had a problem with was graphics (mostly framerate issues) and a few minor bugs, nothing that can't be fixed for the PC version.
  4. Sorry about that. Every time I tried to post my topic it came up with a error or a flood control warning. I had no idea it was actually posting any of them.
  5. Sorry about that. Every time I tried to post my topic it came up with a error or a flood control warning. I had no idea it was actually posting any of them.
  6. A nice read (although I haven't finished reading it yet): KOTOR II: Six Hours Deep.
  7. I'm not sure what the LE version is but usually the lower priced cards are ones that have a reduced number of pipelines and lower memory and processor speeds. ATI had a card called a Radeon 9800 SE that was half the pipelines of a normal 9800 and seriously handicaped memory and processor speeds. I'd recommend going for the regular or ultra versions. How much are you willing to spend? I bought a Radeon 9800 Pro for $250 last year and haven't had a problem since.
  8. It is the first of the Chronicles of the Old Republic.
  9. I'm Paladin005 (I think, it has been a while) over there. I joined the forum about a year and half before KOTOR's release.
  10. There is new info on Kreia in characters and new character names and portraits in the AIM icons.
  11. Check out the AIM icons page. It has some character portriats and names that I've never seen before.
  12. Ton of new stuff. Lots of new info on Kreia (something about a force bond and some great bonuses). Force pikes are in the game, too.
  13. Boba Fett moped the floor with two of the IG-88's, but you have to admit the droids had vision.
  14. I playing with a lightside consular who uses all darkside powers (except heal of course). He has 21 Wisdom, 17 Charisma and base level everything else. He justs insanes then electrocutes everyone.
  15. That is one weapon that was never in KOTOR.
  16. I'm not talking about something huge for the extra content, but something along the lines of the the first KOTOR's extra content for PC. I don't have a problem with putting it on Xbox Live like Bioware did.
  17. Since the earlier topic I started seems to have left the topic, I thought I would start a poll. Should Obsidian follow the path of Bioware and add extra content (nothing big, an extra trade area like the Yavin station(maybe even just a return to the Yavin station) and some extra items) to the PC version to compensate PC gamers for the Xbox version releasing first?
  18. Since the Sith Lords seems to be following KOTOR's path with staggered release, why not follow it even further and give the PC players extra content such as another trade area like Yavin or maybe returning to Yavin.
  19. The Emperor could control it very well, it just requires a lot of concentration. It wasn't his fault that he lost control of it, Luke and Lea(can't spell today :angry: ) distracted him. The Emperor had sucessfuly used it at other times. As for it being a force power, I haven't heard of anyone else using it and it is a little to big of a power (meant to be used against fleets and the like) to include in a game like KOTOR. But it would be neat to have a mini force storm that threw enemies and objects around and tore them up. Maybe it would take two rounds to cast and would be broken off if the character took too much damage.
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