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Lovely. Just set it as my new wallpaper, in fact.


Too bad there isn't a logo free variant of the wallpaper though. Official wallpapers tend to grate on my nerves a little with their penchant for plastering logos and copyright text all over the place.

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That picture sort of rules out White Hair and Masked Sith being one of the same person doesn't it?


Also I initialy thought Masked Sith was female, but looking at the exposed wrist holding the lightsabre it now looks more male.

Everyone knows Science Fiction is really cool. You know what PoE really needs? Spaceships! There isn't any game that wouldn't be improved by a space combat minigame. Adding one to PoE would send sales skyrocketing, and ensure the game was remembered for all time!!!!!

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Very nice! I wish the movies, specifically the prequels could capture that sense of desperation depicted here. This is why I love this era in the Star Wars universe the most. Hey, thanks for the heads-up!

Don't worry, Star Wars: Episode III will do that for you.


Anyways, I now have the wallpaper set up and everything. Pretty nice and it IS better then the s*** Bioware put out last year.

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