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  1. Monkey Island. I grew up playing all sorts of graphic adventures (hell, text adventures too), and the MI series is still my favourite, in all their non-talkie glory. They didn't need any fancy pants voice acting to be great!
  2. I don't think so. Surely we would have heard - it would have been pretty big news. The last I heard, a Bio rep (on the official forums) said something to the effect that there was no port underway at the moment and no current plans for one in the future. That doesn't necessarily mean there won't be one eventually though; it's just a reiteration of the game's current exclusivity on the 360. If it does happen though, I'd imagine the wait for a ME port will be as long or longer than the wait for Jade Empire PC was.
  3. He knows I'm going to deny him his romance sub-plot, so he's gone all sulky on me. He's such a whiner
  4. Started a new character in Mass Effect: 100% lesbiotic? I do believe that she is.
  5. Are you playing just the original game or with the hell expansion pack as well? I loved Overlord, and I've been considering getting the expansion ever since it was announced. As for the clunky interface, I have to imagine it was designed as a console game first and foremost. Even so, I found the controls a little clunky on the 360 with a gamepad anyway, so they're presumably worse on the PC. The humour and light hearted, cartoon style evil atmosphere made wresting with the controls well worth it, either way.
  6. I found the game was only really hard up to a point. Early on, my adept was having a lot of trouble keeping up with large groups of mercs, since the slow recharge time on my biotic powers (not to mention a smaller selection of them) relegated me to a playing the role of a really bad soldier, constantly pinned down behind cover. I quickly hit a turning point though (thanks to class investments and cooldown enhancing armour mods) where my powers seemed to be almost always available when I needed them, and the difficulty took a dive. Perpetual barrier didn't hurt either. The ridiculously strong weapons my companions were carrying around by then almost made even that a moot point though, since they were taking down most minor enemies before I had a chance to unleash my biotic storm anyway. I'm hoping my current hardcore engineer run maintains the difficulty level even later in the game though. Not being able to stasis bosses and chip away at their health with no fear of recourse (bastion specialisation for the win!) should keep key battles a little more challenging, I think. Unless, of course, engineers become walking balls of death and destruction later in the game too.
  7. There was an easter egg in Sparta? That was one of the earlier system that I explored, and I don't remember anything. What was it, and where in particular? I want to go back and pay closer attention this time (or possible in my next hardcore engineer playthrough).
  8. Here's a shot of Mass Effect featuring Commander Nathan Shepard. There is some dialogue from an early side quest I just completed though, so anyone paranoid about any and all ME spoilers, cover your eyes
  9. Honestly, I wouldn't mind the inventory system at all if it had one simple addition: a damn sort button. Sort by name, sort by type, sort by anything. Wading through an unsorted list of equipment when trying to decide what to sell is a massive pain in the ass. I wonder what the chances of getting inventory sorting patch are. Probably not good, but here's hoping, since it's my biggest complaint in an otherwise awesome game.
  10. The water flow hacking mini-game in Bioshock was a hell of a lot better than the silly button mashing hacking in Mass Effect though. I hate quick time events with a passion.
  11. The hanar vocals remind me of Ignignokt from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I keep expecting one of those freaky jellyfish to say something like: "Commander, this one finds your innuendo distasteful." Then Err to pop out of nowhere and be all: "Yeah! Up YOUR endo, man. Ha HA!"
  12. Mass Effect was supposed to arrive today, but instead of actually being delivered, it just sat at the station all day long doing absolutely nothing. Go go Canada Post. It should still arrive tomorrow, but I won't have another day off to play it much until the middle of next week. Oh well. Anyway, to fill the gaming gap left by Mass Effect's absence, I reinstalled NWN2 and ordered the downloadable version of Mask of the Betrayer from Atari. So far, my favourite part of the game: CHO-CO-LOT!
  13. Bioshock arrived in the mail today, so I'll likely get myself all strung out on plasmids later tonight.
  14. You can kill the jester? Ha! That's great. I'd never bothered wailing on him long enough to find out. I always stopped at "I hurt, I huuuuuurt!" It's cool to know it can be done, at least.
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