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Star Wars Trilogy DVD Trailer


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Take a look. Personally, the box-set looks way too polished and plastic. They should've chosen a more retro look like the old posters to give more nostalgia-feel to it.

"Some men see things as they are and say why?"
"I dream things that never were and say why not?"
- George Bernard Shaw

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- Friedrich Nietzsche


"The amount of energy necessary to refute bull**** is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it."

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They should have given it the same treatment as the Alien movies got.

The area between the balls and the butt is a hotbed of terrorist activity.


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It really is sad. Finally, Star Wars on DVD, and they won't even release it with the unraped edition.


Of course it will be THX certified and have 9.1 Hyper "EX" DD and dts and bagachips etc, but what difference does it make? All of the horrible additions will still be there, plus the problems introduced to the soundtrack with the Special Edition, like that awful reverb in ANH during the Death Star shootout between Luke and Leia and the stormtroopers, and again during the scene where the Millenium Falcon gets away but gets attacked by TIEs.


Oh yeah, and Greedo will still shoot first. Rape! We're being RAPED!!


I love how stupid GL thinks the fans are, like we won't notice Ian McDiarmid's death yell when Luke accepts his fate and falls from the Bespin gantry (Luke wouldn't be screaming George!!)


I know this isn't the place (or is it? I'm surrounded by OT junkies, I hope!), but please don't buy the new raped Edition.


It just goes to show how sad it is when people give up and say, "I guess I'll settle for this." NO! Don't give in! Don't buy the crap they shove down your throat. It'll only make everything else worse.


Poor Sebastian Shaw. Look at how GL repects the work of dead artists. It's shameful.


Please, don't only ruin ALL THREE movies with your computers, eliminate the original actors altogether. Why not replace Carrie Fischer with Jessica Simpson while were at it? It's got to be for a new generation, after all. Luke just doesn't look right, I guess we're gonna have to digitally replace him with Ashton Kutcher with blond hair. Let's make it so Han Solo disarmingly lets Leia take the lead and never once hits on her, because we wouldn't want to offend any women.


What was that? I missed the scene where Luke goes to the bathroom in ESB on Hoth.


GL: "Well, it was a really important scene; we've digitally added several hundred mind numbing droids and spaceships moving around outside the bathroom window (this gives the scene more depth)..."


RM: "Your are correct, sir!!! HA ha ha...YES!"


I have the Laserdiscs...but I don't have a player! Mine got flooded. It's ebay for me...

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If I had the option to get a premium transfer of the original from laserdiscs, I would take that.


It also depends on picture and sound quality. Will all the surround-sound encoding be on the disc, etc?

Probably, don't know till I get it :p

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I know this isn't the place (or is it? I'm surrounded by OT junkies, I hope!), but please don't buy the new raped Edition.


I wouldn't own a copy even if someone gave it to me for free.


I saw the "first" special edition movie (ANH) and decided to never watch anything he's "retouched" again.

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From what I read at theforce.net today, it won't just be the special edition, it's been touched up again.


I thought they would release the "Archival Editions" down the road, but these are them, or so it would appear. Ian is now Palpatine in Episode 5, Hayden is Anakin's Force Ghost, etc. A shot of Naboo celebrating will be seen at the end of ROTJ.


They also said they were going to fix the awful CGI for Jabba in ANH. We'll see. I heard Williams say a few years back that he wanted a chance to rescore the OT now that the prequels exist. He said with the new characters and stories, he wanted to tie everything together better. I love Williams work, and I'm curious what he might change in the OT. Hearing a new Williams score might be worth suffering through the other changes at least once.

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Sorry, but Williams now vs Williams 25 years ago pales in comparison. His scores now lack the wonder and spark of his earlier works from CEOTTK, ET, Jaws, etc.


I heard he has a team of people who write scores for him, that he doesn't even do it himself. I can't confirm this, however.


ANH's score is one of the best for any movie, ever. Why it needs touching up is a mystery. The only thing that could be even remotely positive would for him to simply rerecord the score with the same cues on modern recording equipment.


For me, I can't watch the adulterated versions of the movies because I am constantly being distracted by the useless changes.


Really, why doesn't Lucas just convert the movie to software, and we'll just have versions that are updated automatically? Since we know he'll never stop tinkering with his shop of horrors, he could simply release a constantly remade movie to keep up with the ever-growing demand of 10 year olds.


I wager we're on version 2.1 right now.

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I'll wait a few years(decades?) for the super deluxe limited edition fuel injection pinto grande 6 in 1 mega Star Wars package.


Maybe after Lucas is dead, one of his adopted children will go back and make Han shoot first, Stormtroopers slaughter Ewoks and make Qui Gonn decapitate Jar Jar the moment they meet.

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People sould stop going to TheFarce.net to get reliable news ...


I seen all that crap MONTHS ago, one thing I do remenber is some time ago is in the DVDs Han will shoot first.


The fact some people have too many time in their hands and access to photoshop does not make something a fact ...

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I was under the impression that Hayden replacing Sebastian Shaw was confirmed. I'm mean, of course I hope it's not true, but that picture just didn't look Photoshopped. It looked like the real thing.


There are so many problems with the Special Edition besides Greedo:


-added Jabba scene which looks terrible and doesn't add anything to the story (it's actually better that we don't see Jabba until Jedi)

-those stupid hover droids that are around in Mos Eisley

-the added shock wave when Alderaan, DS1 and DS 2 are destroyed looks even worse

-"into the garbage shute, flyboy" line sounds like it has the treble pumped up 12dB

-Han runs into fake looking room of stormtroopers instead of the end of the hall.

-"Close the blast doors" wrong voice, stupid added line.

-TIE fighter chase will still feature nice matte lines around the TIEs

-X-Wings flyby film quality doesn't match 1977's, distracting

-We see wampa, making it that much more distracting and that much less scary, plus film quality doesn't match 1980 film

-"Artooexpresseshisreliefalso" line forced in, implicit in R2's beeps, needless

-undoubtably, Emperor replaced with McDiarmid will look noticably different, such that someone seeing the film for the first time would notice

-Falcon flyby into Bespin and other replacement footage horribly CG

-Bespin Cloud City period artwork changed into windows; distracting, look CG

-Luke falls, Palpatine screams (???)

-Falcon has too many top hatches for Lando to go through

-Vader "Bring my shuttle" line ruined, useless change

-unused Jedi footage inserted as Falcon tries to get away, obvious

-Super Star Destroyer Executor the wrong color

-Jabba's palace musical number changed into a truly useless CG travesty

-Boba Fett's mystique shaken by play with girls

-Rancor with Luke scenes still look fake despite all the other time wasted on other useless changes, infuriating

-extra "Audrey II" mouth added to Sarlacc pit bad CG, not needed

-"it'salrightIcanseealotbetter" Han Solo line obviously inserted

-Celebration after destruction of DS2 changed, bad music, bad CG inserts of other planets


These are all the things I can think of without actually watching the movies; I'm sure I missed a few.

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I agree knocking those changes.


The only change I really liked was the window backdrops in Cloud City. It's supposed to look like paradise up there, and the old Cloud City looked like a hospital.


As far as knocking Williams, I contend that the Episode 1 score was as good as ANH. It may be the best score he's done. I've heard his new score for the Terminal is quite good as well.

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As far as knocking Williams, I contend that the Episode 1 score was as good as ANH. It may be the best score he's done. I've heard his new score for the Terminal is quite good as well.

As a classical musician, I must disagree.


While most of the score for Menace was good material, the "Duel of the Fates", which everyone seems to like, is total claptrap. It is the only music in the film that appeals to the lowest common denominator, and low and behold, it's the most popular.


Like most movie scores these days, "Fates" relies on boring orchestral textures and has blatant overuse of chorus. The theme is a dressed up motive repeated over and over in sequence, falling back on tired idioms. When I listen to "Duel of the Fates", it sounds like I'm listening to someone else's work reorchestrated by Williams. It seems these days as if, "chorus" = "drama", so that 8 year olds and their fat parents can say they saw a "great movie" because it had smack-me-over-the-head-with-a-two-by-four choral numbers. I truly don't know how Williams could stoop so low, what with the rest of Menace's incidental music being top notch.


It is yet another rip-off of Carmina Burana that for some reason all fim composers these days try to emulate. If anybody doesn't know what Carmina Burana is, they should go download it and listen, and then you'll understand why Star Wars "Fates" sounds like Spiderman 2 sounds like Batman sounds like Final Fantasy sounds like Matrix Revolutions, etc.


Not only is "Fates" bad score, but it takes place over one of the only watchable parts of the movie, the fight between Obi Wan, Qui Gonn, and Maul. Now, up until this point, a lightsaber battle in a Star Wars movie was a serious occasion- so serious that there is no music during it. Music only enters when the engagement becomes lengthly and perilous, such as when Vader starts throwing objects at Luke in ESB, or when Luke finally dips into the Dark side to fight Vader in ROTJ. But what we have here is a dumbed down, scrubbed, choreographed, uninspired, undramatic lightsaber sequence topped off with banal score, trivializing the entire encounter and leaving the audience feeling like they were supposed to think that was really good, but wasn't.



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Most people I know love it.


Maybe that is the lowest common denominator. But we're talking about art, which is subjective.


I like classical music, but I'm no expert. All I know is that the score for Episode 1 gives me goosebumps. I can quantify that.

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It saddens me greatly...I guess I have really high expectations.


As you can see, I hate things that pander to the LCD just to get more money; I think that had something to do with "Fates".


True, there is no accounting for taste...however, if the public is exposed to truly great art through a medium like Star Wars, it will gain that much more appreciation.


I was watching Jaws today- the score is wonderful. And I don't mean the "da-dum" that everybody knows. The movie has a few silly scenes in today's context, but the music is so good and adds so much validation to the story that it's impossible to doubt the premise. This is what's missing in most modern movies, and I don't think people realize how much of an effect it actually has on their perception of a movie.

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