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Visible droid upgrades

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It frankly disappointed me that HK was such a fully realized party member and T3 was a piece of bantha-poodoo. He had no personality, story or dialogue. I might as well have had a toaster in my party. Except a toaster can toast bagels. T3 just took up space.

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you mean by having them say a little more then "beep beep" and "tweeeep beep" ?


or by actually having them DO something once in a while?


yeah... that'd be good.


otherwise t3 will be just my rolling, beeping swiss army knive.

It's very hard to be polite if you're a cat.

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All I want is a cheese burger... :blink:


Ok, to be serious. I wish the developers can put in some animations like opening a hatch and pull out a gun like stuff when the droid is using flame thrower or freezing ray. It seems wired to see the flame or freezing ray come out from the blaster or no where...

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