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  1. Its about time they renamed this board. Get rid of the Technical support part as there obviously will never be any and leave it as self help. With LA's help obsidian have at least shown the US government isn't the slowest organization to give support.
  2. I find it strange that a few months back when they decided they weren't going to shut the forum OB said they would mod more and be more involved with the community on the forums. Since then Nothing. Its quite pathetic really, they haven't even said sorry its in Lucas arts hands. Instead we have a half finished game, with lots of bugs and they cant even release the HQ music and cinema tics that they previously stated exist. Great first attempt isn't it. Still the majority who bought this game never post here so the devs can ignore us and pretend these issues don't exist.
  3. Fileplanet doesnt, look at the bottom it clearly states Copyright 1996-2005, IGN Entertainment, Inc. As for gamebanshee it states at the bottom Copyright
  4. You scored as Yoda. You are master Yoda. Yoda's teachings are far reaching within the Jedi order. Ever the diplomat, scholar and teacher - Yoda seeks to enlighten through wisdom, experience and discipline. Yoda employs the lightsaber form Ataru in which the practioner uses The Force in conjunction with his own physical prowess to achieve unparalleled acrobatic skill, accuracy and speed. Skill is stressed over raw power. He has trained many Master Jedi - most notably Count Dooku, Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi and is one of only four Jedi to have preserved his personal identity afte
  5. The great advantage that consoles have is that every one is identical. The same software, the same hardware, the same operating system. You can't say that about a PC even when they should be identical. And, of course, consoles run their games from the game discs rather than installing them to an internal hard disk drive and running them from there. This means that patching is not the simple operation that it is for a PC. If you can't fix your game after it has been released, then you'd better make sure you fix it before you release it. Too many publishers are prepared to rely on the sa
  6. Still noting? Oh what a surprise from a company that wanted to shut down it forum's decided it shouldn
  7. Thanks for the link but am I the only one who cant get it to work? Edit: Hay its working again
  8. Thank you Now does anyone have any idea how big this patch would be? Ok there are 500mb demos but I can
  9. Not really, I just tend to post faster than I should, and as I
  10. Every one can have their own opinion I suppose, though being insulting without backing your point up is, shall we say not the best way to make an impression. But then the internet is a great thing to hide behind. My point was that although, as I said, it was a great game there was little if no resolution to the main character, and indeed some of the lesser characters. Going off the fight the endless war, very commendable to atone for his passed sins, but there is no closure to the character what so ever. I
  11. Im begining to wonder if it is lucasarts. IF you look at another of the games that alot of the people here at Ob made, planscape. That had a great plot that lead nowhere (thouhg it did have more than 1 ending) Whole plot points forgotton, stripped areas and lots of bugs and a patch that fixed little and broke more sound familier? I like the game,as I did planescape but I get the impression they just dont know/cant finish games properly.
  12. this was posted ages ago now So what has happened did I miss it somwhere, or are does obsidian exist in a parallel dimension where time is distorted by several weeks/months? I mean come on how hard is it to say there is a problem with it we are trying to fix, or simply its not coming? This is getting pathetic.
  13. Or you can download miles sound tools and that plays them fine (does for me anyway) It can decompress them too. http://www.radgametools.com/miles.htm
  14. PLanescape is very good though I do think BG2 is marginally better. But then again it has cut endings (apparently) though there is more than one, missing npc's unfinished plot + character points, unfinished locations. Its also done by allot of the people now here at Obsidian coincidence that isn
  15. I never understood why LA shuts down fan mods. They positivly encourage fan films. It just seems a bit, well, stupid.
  16. Thank you. Its nice to finaly know whats going on. Perhaps some one could have told us the honest truth a bit earlier but hindsight is always 20/20 Thanks again for saying somthing.
  17. Id have preferred a good game rather than a rushed one. Looks like at least one of us will be happy then Still I admit I wanted the pc version shipped at the same time as the xbox version, glad that didn
  18. If they didnt cut the ending for time/ money why in the sound directory is there so much extra dialogue related to different endings?
  19. Its seems strange that the forums only became a problem when there first game is out and people can actually give feedback on it. I may just be being cynical but shutting down the main feedback channel just after a game has been released seems like sticking your head in the sand. So you don
  20. Well its been a week now since the coming soon sign went up and two weeks since I got the game. Hopefuly by the end of march I might get to play it
  21. I wondered why it sounded so strange. Ive been messing with my audigy2 and mlogic revolution all weekend trying to find out why. I forgot some one mentioned earlier it was only 10khz mono. Who ever made that decision must have the worst pair of headphones in the business. On any half decent set and especialy on a 5.1 or 7.1 system the sound in this game is a joke.
  22. 90% is a rather big exaggeration. There will be a lot of people with problems though. Most will just shrug and carry on as most of the bugs aren't game stopping, So they will ignore them if they can or just stop playing, or as in some peoples cases they don't get the bugs. I don't know why this happens but it does, and apparently it happens very often in lucas/ obsidian qa I am surprised by the total lack of feedback from obsidian since the xbox us release. They started off as a very talkative team full of info. But now the game is out they have dried up. They could learn from Bioware, mos
  23. TBH I think Ive just been unlucky, but name every problem save the ati specific ones and Ive probably had it. The worst and most occuring for me is that influance isnt counted. I used Don S's guide the last time and got everything for atton and handmaiden but would still get influance fails. I bought an rpg not a hack and slash Edited for clarity not spelling
  24. I already got it, day before release infact thanks to the postman. and I have had to restart it four times already because of bugs
  25. Well wait seems to be winning, and though I can enjoy this game in between the miriad problems I think I will wait. I never thought o find a game more buggy than vampire bloodlines but this realy does take the cake. Now I have to decide between resident evil remake on my GC or KOTOR 1
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