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  1. The drunk side!!!! (w00t) Next time, tell the barkie to give me something other than juma juice.
  2. To the original poll I prefer to see a new ship instead of the old hawk. I want to see something new~
  3. Err... A game developed by both Black Isle and Bioware... I loved the bad guys in that series.
  4. How about a bad guy who just come to take away your divine essence... Err... I mean, your force. Plus, he has a vampire sister... Err... I mean, leach like alien "sister"... :ph34r:
  5. That's an awesome suggestion, but seeing as how the CRPGers apparently have no hand eye coordination, and they complained about the extremely simple Ebon Hawk turret minigame, I think we'd get complaints of 'twitch' elements. Although it will be great for me if it is another turret fight minigame style, my original thought is something like those catapults in the Neverwinter nights. Some modules or the HotU expansion have such design. I believe it will be fun to add this.
  6. Just few suggestions: 1. Sentry guns: Did you guys see the movie Aliens? I wish we can set up our own autometic sentry guns. 2. More "usable" stuff: Let's say I'd love to jump into a laser turret whan I see a band of enemy soldiers 3. Demolition: I think the characters with such skill should be able to set up bombs to blow up something... (Say doors, mainframe, enemy vehicles... etc.)
  7. Play on after game? There are few games I know that have such feature, the Privateer series/Freelancer/X-beyond the frontier series. I think ALL of them are not successful in this. Although the above games are all space shooters, they all have role-playing features. If you want people to keep playing the game after the main story ended, you got to make the quests interesting. The Privateer series were better, the first game has a random mission generator which makes people getting bored few days later; the second game has a mission pool which contains various well designed missions with f
  8. Basilisk droid TripleRRR Thanks TripleRRR I think the force speed should have similar effect. Since you can act so fast, the blaster beam should seem to be slower. But I don't like to see the blaster beam to travel as slow as the bullets in the matrix. Hay, it's blasters not the regular guns!
  9. Few suggestions for repairing skills: a. we can have more functions when we repair a droid: 1. Assasination: Go find a target, then KABOOM! B) 2. Self destruct: We only have this once in the original game. (In the Valker's base, lower Taris) I'd love to see this more in the new game. 3. Sabotage: Order the droid to carry a virus to infect the main-frame, ID4 like stuff. 4. Remote control: Use the data pad to remote control it to open the doors or sort. PS: I think the driods should not being considered as hostile by opponents as long as it does not fire at them. Th
  10. All I want is a cheese burger... Ok, to be serious. I wish the developers can put in some animations like opening a hatch and pull out a gun like stuff when the droid is using flame thrower or freezing ray. It seems wired to see the flame or freezing ray come out from the blaster or no where...
  11. This idea is cool! Hopefully, they might put in some other competitors or some guild wars. I also like to see that we can run the places like casino, brothel and black market... PS: If I do run a game developing company, my workers would probably consider me as a slave driver...
  12. Even though the game is called "Kinghts of the old republic", this does not mean there is no NPC who has the thief skills... B)
  13. I have an idea. Maybe the developers can put in a luxury liner, which is like the one in the movie "the fivth element". There are casino, theatre, observation deck, bar and more on the ship, and we can go there any time. Knockback seems unnatural, but is a great idea if only some special guns have this ability. BTW, I wish the developers can make anyone who is caught by the grenade blast be knocked down. I think it is a wonder to see people who can run as usual after they are caught by blast...
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