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3 minutes ago, Sarex said:

The only thing I remember about SS3 was the anti-crack measures, the indestructible monster that kept killing you.

Reminds me of that other game whose anti-crack measures slowly turned your character into a majestic bird.

ARMA? I think.

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SS3 had the slow and constricted opening that was sorta like CoD, but Croteam were taking the **** and eventually the game became your standard Sam game where you backpedal and strafe like a madmad while gunning down ludicrous amounts of aliens that are running at you. However, Croteam may have pulled the gag for a bit too long and some people got mad and were like "this is not my Sam" even though after the beginning it was absolutely their Sam. 

Anyway, after that Croteam announced a puzzle game and people were like "wait, what?" But then the puzzle game turned out to be really good so all was forgiven and we all love Croteam again, and everyone lived happily ever after.

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Nope, not everyone loves Croteam, because SS3 is still not available on GOG!!!

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Death Stranding released on Steam and EGS in two days.  Kinda skeptical because I'm one of the probably few people who isn't crazy about Kojima's work but at the same time I haven't really been playing much else besides Path of Exile lately (I swear Diablo clones are for people in their 30's+) so I may look into it.

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Man, I totally forgot about Death Stranding. I didn't even finish the game yet. One day I just kinda stopped playing ... I think it was because they suddenly used a crowbar to add in shooter elements, which really felt unfitting + it frustrated me a lot in that boss fight, because all the hours before you never fired a gun, so never learned how to effectively use them.

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Originally I planned on making a Golden Girls Gang, and I still might, but I'm kinda tempted to make a squad of Beefeaters. Too bad the game isn't set in Russia; I would make a gopnik squad. I'm sure London has a gopnik equivalent. What do Brits call their version of a lower class, deadend job or no job hoodlum?

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I wonder if there is beer on the sun

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