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The "Foundation" main quest needs more options.

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Simply put, I think that the Foundation main quest (working with the Board to release the automechanicals) should have had more options. It's basically just go in, turn them on, town dead... or just ignore the quest.

We should have had an option to try and reprogram them, so that the bots either just destroy each other (without hurting the town), or reprogram them to be proper guard units for the town (and thus make it more secure) or at the very least to just find the bots and blow them up without activating them (maybe having them all turn on once you attack one and have to fight a swarm of them).

But ONLY being able to destroy the town seems like a let down. I was expecting a lot more from this quest. After all, if you don't accept it, you're forced to fight the woman and all the guards (and the secretary, who really should have just hid in a corner). So it would make sense to be able to agree to doing the mission, but then betray her once you get there.

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1 hour ago, LordBlade said:

was expecting a lot more from this quest

Well it is classical Obsidian, at this point. Make your expectation high with good start of the game but then, make no more than two options at late game. Its pretty much how Tyranny was at release, tons of options at beginning but from mid game all the choices is about "To kill faction A or to kill faction B". Personally when accepting this quest, i expected that Sophia will purge the town anyway, so you MUST to come first and kill all robots before she push the button, sorta speak. But meh, the moment we landed on the planet, Felix begin bitching about downsides of genocide, and you can't even turn him down with a line like "I lied to Sophia, we come here not for killing entire town".  So Obsidian clearly not anticipated that someone will take the quest, without intent to actually kill the people.

Sorry for my bag English.  :dancing:

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Oh, Tyranny pissed me off to no end when I first played (before the DLC that fixes some stuff). I was being a loyal minion, doing everything to give the Overlord power over everything, getting rid of traitors... and then... "Oh yeah, you turn traitor now."

Um... what? Where's my "stay loyal" option? Why force the player down a specific path, especially as there were so many options to do the opposite all game.

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Same.  When I realized I either had to say yes to Sophia (which was completely out of character) or say no and kill her, I went back to a previous save and skipped the entire quest line.

I went back after finishing the game to see if there was some way around killing everyone in Edgewater without just skipping the quest, but there didn't seem to be.


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