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  1. You can use a combination of the disguises and stealth to get through the prison almost entirely without being seen. It doesn't really matter if you're seen, though, because you can then just lie/persuade to get past the few tough spots. The game mechanisms are cool, but everything needed more tuning to find the right balance in difficulty. It's definitely too easy in normal mode. I agree with stiven that the factions showing up to help you is unnecessary, unexpected, and disruptive the way it's currently handled.
  2. This is what I'm wondering. I played on normal, and never once used anything other than adreno - which I only used a handful of times in the ~30 hours I played. I'm an average player at best, so this game was definitely on the easy side. I had a crate full of thousands of supply items that I never used... Similarly with the perks: I had a hard time deciding what perks to get simply because none of them were really necessary.
  3. Parvati was cute, but I found her too much of a one-note character. Nyoka seemed much more full developed than the other characters, with the possible exception of Max. She was easily my favorite. Felix and Ellie were pretty disposable, with Felix being the worst offender. Was there anything to Felix's quest other than his mentor ends up being a traitor? Even the dialog options you get when going through his quest are unsatisfying ("Well, that'll teach you to have faith in people...") SAM presented the perfect opportunity to inject some more humor into the game. (IMO it coul
  4. Same. When I realized I either had to say yes to Sophia (which was completely out of character) or say no and kill her, I went back to a previous save and skipped the entire quest line. I went back after finishing the game to see if there was some way around killing everyone in Edgewater without just skipping the quest, but there didn't seem to be.
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