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Will the Outer Worlds feature mod support?

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Will the outer worlds explicitly support mods to the game? This is especially important for the Microsoft store version which is sold as as a locked down UWP app with access to the game files heavily restricted by Windows unless developers deliberately choose to allow access for game modifications. 

All previous obsidian RPGs have been greatly enhanced with mods created by the player community. It would be a great shame if a large portion of the player base on PC were locked out of using mods due to the UWP. 

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3 hours ago, Ommamar said:

By what I read in the agreement you had to click on and articles about the game I think a modding tool will be released in a few months.

3+ months is better than never. Thanks. I'll uninstall for now.
Currently there is no PS4 Controller support on PC (they made a PS4 release), a way to disable head bob, nor a way to fully remap all keybinds. I haven't started the game yet.

I would like to stay up to date on patch notes for this game, I don't know how to do that. Do they have some RSS feed for patch notes?

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Mod support isn't high on the dev team list right now. But hopefully the devs will be seriously considering release of a mod suite tools down the road.

Note that unlike Bethesda's outdated Gamebryo/Creation Club, Unreal 4 engine is a difficult engine to mod and work with. So it will be a challenge for the modding community to make mods for the game if at all.

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