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  1. How do I activate the companion A.i on the xbox one? I do not see the option to activate it anywhere .
  2. In the battle menu for charters ability's I do not see any details about the ability's or there names so I can not figure out how to use the ability's and when to use the in battle . I wish I had the option of turning the sea shanty's volume much higher . I like listening to the sea shanty's but I can barley hear them on this game becouse they are so low but everything else is the game is loud hopefully they will add a patch to fix this and add the option in menu to adjust the loudness of the sea shanty's to become much higher . by the way I play this on xbox one .
  3. Hopefully If they do add mod support they will allow follower mods with customized voiced acting and romance options to be added as well . I hope mod support comes to Console .
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