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  1. You're awesome. I came across this in another forum and was about to post it here. Soo glad.
  2. People are also calling it color fringing. People are stating publicly places that do not like it.
  3. I can't get the game to work. But wow, what games are 60 @ 4K on Xbox One X? Edit: Oh I found one. I can see it's not always 60fps. Now it makes sense.
  4. I only knew that there are keys that we can not rebind. I didn't know there were issues with keys that we are able to re-bind.
  5. I can't get the game working, but that's not what this post is about. This is more of a head up to Obsidian that some players do no like the Chromatic Aberration or Head Bob. If you're curious, this is Chromatic Aberration. It would help to have an option to turn on or off these features. Especially for those who find these features uncomfortable physically, to having extended gaming sessions with these features enabled.
  6. I don't know what would need to happen in this game, but for any First Person RPG, you will likely find several people asking for a Third Person Perspective. This game is a first person shooter. It has guns. If it was third person, combat may feel more like Destiny. Obsidian is smart, I bet they tested both FPP and TPP and felt FPP was more fun. A game can only choose one, FPP or TPP, not both. I know, Bethesda's engine allows both, but not really; Example: Skyrim, where many used FPP in Skyrim for bow combat as TPP bow combat never 'felt' right. Anyway, here's my take on some of the challenges developers would face by adding FPP to the game Kingdom Come Deliverance. I've yet to get The Outer Worlds working, so not a clue if any of the below is relevant. Framerate would need to be improved as TPP requires a larger FOV than FPP, this means optimizing the engine Every single indoor environment would need to be tested with the new camera rig and some may need to be 'hacked' into the game Every single outdoor environment would need to be tested with the new camera rig I think the devs went for real-world realism with the map, maybe that would have to be abandoned? I dunno, I didn't design the map. Interior roofs may need to be raised to accomidate the camera. there maybe some outdoor foilage that constantly gets in your way, but could be fixed by raising the treeline or lowering the 'bush-height' Every area and type of interaction of the entire game would need to be tested, to ensure the 'fun factor' is the same in TPP as FPP. This means combat may need to be redesigned from the ground up. AI would need to be redone as now you can see more than one enemy at once, making that 2v1 war feel more like a walk in the park. The marketing of the entire game would need to be revisited as this game is being sold as a FPP game, and it is the best FPP RPG of this decade (CP2077 comes out in 2020). I bet archery would be a pain to fix, Skyrim never did archery properly in TPP. Skyrim has magic and most think magic in Skyrim has the most well designed combat mechanics of the game. KCD doesn't have magic, so it's even more important that Archery is done right.
  7. I like the list. I vote against an official Third person mode, unless it's a 3rd party mod. I'm unable to get the game to run yet, so I don't know what is needed beyond the bare necessities below: PS4 Controller support for PC version. Add PS4 button prompts when adding PS4 Controller support. Ability to modify all keybinds Ability to disable or reduce head bob Ability to turn off chromatic aberration Make the game moddable
  8. They won't let you remap WASD either? wtf. What bout lefties. 10% of people are left handed. What about ESDF being more effective than WASD?
  9. FYI. The rumor is that they may add mods in a few months. I'm sure the DS4 button images can be modded into the PC release after that point.
  10. 3+ months is better than never. Thanks. I'll uninstall for now. Currently there is no PS4 Controller support on PC (they made a PS4 release), a way to disable head bob, nor a way to fully remap all keybinds. I haven't started the game yet. I would like to stay up to date on patch notes for this game, I don't know how to do that. Do they have some RSS feed for patch notes?
  11. There's no way to turn head bob off in a FPP game? Haven't they played Kingdom Come Deliverance, removing headbob is the the 2nd most requested feature. The bad part, there is no way to mod this game atm, so it won't be fixed without developer support. Gopher is not happy. How is he, or we, supposed to fix the game if you can't properly customize or mod it? First video below is his experience in the settings. Second video is part of his experience with installing a mod for KCD to remove headbob.
  12. Does this game formerly support mods in the traditional sense or are we waiting for genius to figure out how to mod the game?
  13. Exactly. There are over 2x PS4 owners to ever 1x Xbone owner. It's usually the modders that fix this oversight by devs, but that's usually for games that don't release to console. This game has a PS4 port. Why can't I use a PS4 controller and see PS4 buttons on PC? I can not get DS4Windows or Steam drivers to work for the life of me. It is possible to add a non-steam game to steam and use Steam's drivers, that 100% works with Metro. I don't know what DS4Windows settings I should use or if having used Steam's DS4 drivers is messing things up. Edit: You can not mod this game atm. Either we're waiting on developer support for modding or some genius to figure everything out without any documentation.
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