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Chromatic Aberration & Head Bob

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I can't get the game working, but that's not what this post is about. This is more of a head up to Obsidian that some players do no like the Chromatic Aberration or Head Bob.

If you're curious, this is Chromatic Aberration.

It would help to have an option to turn on or off these features. Especially for those who find these features uncomfortable physically, to having extended gaming sessions with these features enabled.

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2 minutes ago, Pilda said:

The engine itself is able to turn off the horrible chromatic aberration so I don't see any problem to add it also to the settings.  As a workaround for us, here is  a guide to do it by editing a configuration file.

You're awesome. I came across this in another forum and was about to post it here. Soo glad.

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